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My iMac computer was originally Snow Leopard I believe and uses a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB 1067 MH DDR3 memory. Anyway, I have updated OS all the way up to Mountain Lion OS 10.8.1.


The other OS were updated long after their release date which I believe was the smarter thing to do. With Mountain Lion I had it installed the first week it came out and now wishing that I had waited like I did with the older OS's.  Now my computer is drastically slower than ever as if I had updated to something that should not have been available in the first place. There is a lot of lagging or beach balling with everything I do and I spend most of my time on Safari. I am using the word "lagging" to mean that it is responding too slowly.


Safari gets a lot worse when I open more tabs especially a third tab, it takes a lot longer, therefore no more tabbing for me. One thing I do to speed up lagging is to use my mouse cursor to grab the Safari window and shake it around, for whatever reason this does seem to work. Another thing I do is shut down Safari and re-start it again and again.


Other than Safari I use Mail quite a lot and there is constant lagging with that as well. The bottom line is that there is lagging with just about everything I do with my computer.


I hear rumors of OS 10.8.2 and hopefully this newer version will fix whatever is going on inside my computer.


Cannot use the phone to call Apple Support because I am deaf, it is the computer that I use to communicate with the outside world, and now I cannot even do that. On top of that I am no computer techy who likes to take things apart, I had high hopes that Apple computer could take care of itself by following all the appropiate updating protocols.


Apple people - please help me with this.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1