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    I was not convinced it was the power supply since the laptop that was using the monitor for power was still charging. I took it into the Apple Store and they suspected the logic board. Parts $130 and labor $40.


    The part number is 661-5544. I pick it up tomorrow. I assume it's fixed. $170+tax.


    Not the end of the world, but, I can't lie about being a little dismayed that Apple is putting design over function to point where I suspect it gets too hot inside (the bottom left gets almost too hot to touch), there is not ventilation beyond Apple's idea of using the aluminum case as a heat sink, and a monitor that looks very nice, but comes with only a 1 year warranty. HP DreamColor and Dell Ultrasharp monitors come with 3 year warranties.


    For now, I'm going to stop using the monitor to charge the laptop (ie not use one of the monitors features designed to reduce cord clutter) and hope that reduces temperatures somewhat.


    I like the monitor, but given the price and warranty, but will probably go another way next time.

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    Hello i have the same problem 27" led cinema display dont turn on but still charge laptop and i get music sound from the cinema display that i play on the laptop soo  i am not conviced too that is the power suply, mybe is the logic board like you , and i want to know if you get fixed?

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    hello can help me please, i have the same problem but mine the megsafe still charge and the usb cable work too because i have soun on the cinemaa display and i can use the isight camera, when i put the miniportdisplay cable my macbook reconigze me the cinema display but the display still black.


    you think is the logicboard? or the all in one cable (megsafe-usb-miniportdisplay) because i dont think is the powersuply.



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    Same problem with 30" cinema display.


    Here's what I noticed (and was told)


    Screen goes black randomely.  Different temps in room, times of day, hours of usage...random.

    The power light stays on. One Genius Bar asked if the light flashed to suggest certain problems, it did not.

    The unit felt hot.

    The only way to fix it is to power off the computer and wait a random amount of time.  Sometimes 5 or 10 or 20 minutes.  never longer.


    I was told it could be the power supply so i replaced it for over $100.  They forced me to give them the one i thought was broken (which i argued is not theirs to take).  But I wanted the new one.  Sadly, it had NO impact.  Same problems


    The problem went away for a few months and is now back with a vengence.


    I priced out submitting it to apple but it was over $500.  The non-apple solution wasn't avialable as they never fixed them (saying they used to send them away since it was built as a proprietary system).


    SO, i plugged my Mac Pro into a tv monitor and no shut downs.  It is the monitor.  In fact, I was skying once when the screen went off and i could still here the other person.  And they could see me! 


    Hate to abandon this unit given its cost and size. 


    I'm not a techie to replace an internal part. 


    open to hearing any ideas.

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    Hi All.. same problems here.. mine is a 27" LED Cinema Display 2010, just before Thunderbolt came out.  I've already had Apply replace the Logic Board twice, and the entire Display, as well.  Yet, my second display has developed the same problem; however no longer have AppleCare.


    At the current time, the display makes a continuous hissing sound.  But the display goes black intermittentl.  I try to jiggle the cable or unplug / replug the pig-tail cable going into the back.  This has made the display come back on a couple of times now; but is obviously not a long-term solution.  I am just trying not to move the display now, but the hissing sound is driving me bonkers.


    In tracing the problem back, the pig-tail power cable bundle goes to the EMI Filter, and then the Power Supply Board.  Has anyone checked the EMI Filter or some of the cables and connectors for problems?  It seems questionable that the PSU is the problem as this has worked for some folks, but not others.






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    Any thoughts?


    Thank you.

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    Hi Bdemuth,


    How did you know it was your power board and not the logic board or the cable.


    The reason is I have this problem of a dead screen but the only thing that still works is the magpower.  Was this the same situation as yours and did the new powerboard fix it?


    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    In-part it  was an educated guess, but I was fairly confident in it from the symptoms I was experiences.  The magsafe plug coming from the monitor would stop working as well as the screen blanking. I briefly listened for the fan working close to the back, which it was, to make sure my sure I was not having the overheating issue due to a failed fan like some have experienced.  I ruled out what I could and decided to replace the power supply as the most likely culprit. Still working well today.

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    'Black screen of death'


    Problems started last week. At first the screen blinked a few times (I thought of the cable connected to my macbook) and I had troubles with brightness settings. By the end of the week the screen turned black...

    Went to apple premium reseller with repair service this morning and they just called me with the great news that some lcd-part of the screen was broke, unfortunatly that part costs almost as much as the screen itself (900€)...

    They told me I just had bad luck, as simple as that... After reading the comments here and elsewhere I really start to think there is more involved than bad luck... Apple unworthy! In almost every room of this house you can find something with an apple logo on it and so far I am a really satisfied consumer, but the cinema display is a big rip off. Thanks for cutting my salary in half in one day!

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    Did you use the Cinema Display to charge laptop?


    I think in my experience that made the display run too hot. After I got it fixed, I stopped using it to charge the laptop and the sceen seems to run quite a bit cooler. Kinda ***** though since that is one advantage of the Cinema Display.

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    Yes I used it to charge my laptop most of the time...

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    I'm in the group of the Black Screen of Death.. Some weeks ago it stars to goes black randomly.

    The strange thing is that the sound with black screen is always perfect.. so it should not be a power problem. isnt'it? Second. If i unplug the power and replug after few seconds it works again..

    it is not a fan or heat problem since it happens also on morning when i turn on my macpro and the monitor is cold.

    Even if i move the cable that is connected on back of macpro is the same. It remains black..

    so? what could be?

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    For me, it was the All-In-One (922-9362).  I bought it on eBay for $100.


    I had gone thru replacement of the Power Supply Board and the Logic Board but the same problem of just the display going blank (but not the sound) continued.  After my AppleCare ran out, upon the suggestion of a post on another site, I took a shot and replaced the All-In-One Cable myself.  The display no longer goes blank intermittently.


    I still have a "shhhhh" sound that increases / lowers with brightness.  This was determined to be the display itself, which would cost $800 to replace.



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    Thank you. I'll wait till it dead before buy one.. since also a single cable costs like a new "normal" monitor..