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Recently I have been getting this message sporadically with some applications after a restart.  Parallels even asks to be re activated sometimes.  Also, more often than not after a restart my Safari home page has defaulted back to the apple web site. 


I have done a complete reinstall of the OS from the retail SL disk and run the software updater.  I have repaired permissions and verified the disk.  Lastly I have dumped the com.apple.luanchservice.plst and cache.


Please... any other suggestions.  Its a macbook pro.

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    Mackeeper, Macaroni, Onyx, cache cleaner tools of various types can make perpetually corrupted cache files.   If you are using any of these tools stop.  The only maintenance Mac OS X needs is a backup tool.

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    Thanks for the reply.  I once used mackeeper to undelete some files.  However, I cleaned it off the machine manually about 6 months ago because some background process was preventing the machine from sleeping.  As I said, I did a complete reinstall from the retail disk.


    Do you think the console log would help you to diagnose my problem?



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    Me, maybe, maybe not.  Alas I don't have as much time to spend on this board as I used to.  The first time may also happen if you are opening the file from a disk image as opposed to the Applications folder.

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    Get Onyx and do Rebuild the Launch Services Database.

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    The console log is daunting because I don't recognize most of the entries and they are so variable and often highlight things that are barely worth bothering about.  However, I took the time to read line by line and noticed a couple of things I had installed, namely a vodafon mobile broadband dongle and dropbox.  So I removed them and inactivated Application enhancer, despite the fact that I have never in many many years of using Unsanity haxies ever traced a problem to their door.   I also dumped a corrupted copy of VLC and now the computer is booting in 14 seconds flat and problems are gone. 


    If I had to guess I would say it was that Vodafone software.  Why the **** that would want to get involved with the bootup I can not imagine.

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    I can assure you that Unsanity haxies and Application Enhancer in particular frequently cause major problems, especially during system or security updates.


    While I appreciate the usefulness of some of them, I won't use them now myself.

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    OK, I can concede this point.  You need to disable APE when you do an install or update. 


    I have gradually got used to the lack of Fruitmenu.  For my workflow its main function is available on the sidebar.  My objection to the sidebar is that it is on every open window and constitutes a waste of space.


    HoudaSpot is an excellent remedy for the loss for the shortcut for find-by-file-name in ML. 


    Does anybody know of a way to replace the functionallity of WindowShade, which is the only OS9.2 feature I still find indispensible?????????????????????????????????


    Apple's minimize function is inferior to Windows because the minimized items are tiny due to sharing dock space with all the other things you have in the dock.  However, I think it unlikely that Apple will return the functionallity of the dock back to the Apple Menu and provide a Windows-esque minimization function.  This is why WindowShade is an actual requirement on an Apple OS, not just a mere whim. 

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    None I'm afraid; and yes, I found it useful too.


    Interestingly there's still one application which still uses windowshade minimising - Stickies. The notes also still have that OS9 closure button on the left with the other two buttons on the right.