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Am I the only guy in the world who tries to open the 7.5.3 images in my Macs and they simply refuse to open? They are .smi images and they simply refuse to mount on any computer. I downloaded them with my SE/30, with my Powerbook 140, with my Pismo, and with Basilisk. All of them give me a series of errors for the first image that renders attempting to install the rest of them entirely void.


Thus, I've been reduced to using the original floppy disks one at a time. Is there a better download site for these images, or am I doing something wrong?


I've tried using diskcopy 4.2 and diskcopy 6.3.3. All of them fail. Would I have better results if I were to use a Windows machine? Is there something I'm doing wrong? And is there a better download site for these images?

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    Because it is a self-mounting image (.smi), you don't need to use any version of DiskCopy, when working with the (19) floppy disk download of the OS 7.5.3 installer.  As a set, those disks are not intended to function like the retail OS installer that was available on CD or floppy disks.  This download was released in segments to accommodate the many Mac users who didn't have high-speed internet and the disks were the means to transfer the segments to the hard drive of the target computer.  Back then, if your Apple computer had a 56K modem, it was a definite advantage.  After you have copied each floppy disk's contents to the hard drive, double-click on the first segment.  That will create a disk image icon of the OS 7.5.3 installer on the desktop.  Drag that image to the hard drive and a folder will be created with the OS 7.5.3 installer program in it.  Double-click the installer and it should begin.

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    This is just about the coolest thing I've ever experienced. I was accustomed to floppies one by one: getting the image on a floppy or the image on the desktop. You've got it all figured out, Jeff. I'm for it.


    I'll be using this knowledge a gret deal from now on.


    Thank you!