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A pop-up keeps showing comes up every few minutes , I don't know how to get rid of it. i put in my password but it continues to pop-up. please help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hello, have you changed your login PW?


    Keychain Access asks for keychain "login" after changing login password...




    Resetting your keychain in Mac OS X...


    If Keychain First Aid finds an issue that it cannot repair, or if you do not know your keychain password, you may need to reset your keychain.



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    Sometimes I swear people try to give each other better place on the site?! Do you were first to Daemon processes- they are the Apple version of efi. This is an essential part of apples operating system the first and most important is called launchD and then loginD- these processes bridge the firmware binary on the actual hardware in the operating systems. Daimian processes are talagents- they're constantly running in the background. Their programming commandline and have access to the HFS and firmware of the computer. There are very few legit Daemon processes!!! And they are core processes in your operating system- they don't just pop up. If you're seeing something with the D at the end, you've got Malware. Something has reprogrammed your computer to have an extra Daemon. And it wants your keychain passwords will give ultimate access to all your stuff! Remember your computer is artificial intelligence- without your okay it can't do jack! So if you didn't tell it to do that ask yourself why is my computer doing this? Something seems out of order it is.  when in doubt your recovery system reset your ACL's (password reset utility, using terminal do a fsck, or off-line making sure your entire system is not plugged into electric and your Wi-Fi is off- run disk utility, once you're sure it's clean and reinstall the operating system- OR... FireWire to a clean Mac in target disk mode and let it clean it up for you.) hold T at boot and a unit will boot with a FireWire symbol on its screen- means it thinks it's an extra hard drive. Everything in the unit is disabled it only sees itself as data. What a FireWire between two MacBook Pros and you can disinfect system minutes. Good luck.

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    just so folks don't go rebuilding their systems in a panic, this "assistantd" message relates to the Dictation functionality - enabled on a laptop by hitting the "fn" key twice - that allows one to speak into an app like TextEdit and have it type what you speak. works pretty well actually.