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Finally jumped ship from Mister Softie and got a Macbook Pro. Unfortunately, am having issues getting my calendar over from Outlook 2007 to Outlook for Mac 2011. Is there a way to sync between the two?


I'm tried 1) exporting a .pst file from '07 to Outlook for Mac but one a small percentage of my events were transferred; 2) enabling Sync Services and then doing an iTunes calendar sync, which did nothing.


I have successfully gotten all of my calendar events onto my iPhone 4S but syncing with Outlook 2007. So I am thinking that possibly I can now sync my iPhone calendar with Outlook for Mac or, alternatively, sync my iPhone with iCloud and then sync Outlook for Mac with iCloud and then pull my events from iCloud?


Is there any way to get my calendar over from Outlook 2007? I have hundreds of calendar events and cannot do this manually. I also know I can use the Mac calendar but prefer to use Outlook.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Just an update of my post above: I think I found a manual way to do this. Here's what I did (I think ):


    1. Used iTunes to sync Outlook 2007 with my iPhone 4S on my PC:

    2. Enabled Sync Services on Outlook for Mac 2011 (by going to prefereces>sync services, then making sure the box was checked for calendar, with the 'folder to add new items to' being "On my Computer / Calendar."

    3. Plugged iPhone into Ran iTunes on the Mac (sync on the Mac by selecting my iPhone device on the pane on the left, then the info tab and checking the box for Calendar). This seems to have taken the calendar from the iPhone and copied it to iCal, the Mac calendar program;

    4. Open iCal and export to a file. This exports to an .ics file located on the Mac. I put mine on the desktop;

    5. Open Outlook for Mac and minimize it. Drag the .ics file into the calendar pane on the left of Outlook (drag it right over the word 'calendar' and


    Voila. The Outlook 2007 calendar events from the PC are now in Outlook for Mac 2011.


    Quite a long process but very happy I got there. Truly wish there was an easier way to do this.

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    Open iCal and export to a file. This exports to an .ics file located on the Mac. I put mine on the desktop;


    why this step?


    sync services actually keeps ical and outlook in sync with each other

    once step 3 was completed you should have only then gone to step 5 but done nothing

    the calendar entries in ical would magically appear in outlook, as would the contacts and tasks and notes if you had them syncing too


    this is what I do and furthermore outlook doesnt support caldav etc subscriptions well so in ical I right click and select duplicate, then I choose the calendar as outlook to put them in manually (subscribed calendars that is not the ones from your phone)