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My face time isn't working? Can any one help me please?

  • lllaass Level 10 (175,857 points)
  • Rincers Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmmm I have put in my email and it's not working. It keeps saying verifying email and it doesn't send any thing to me?

  • Bsiders522 Level 2 (205 points)

    what you can try to do is settings>General>reset>reset all settings>set the device up as new and dont restore from back up, and you'll be asked to sign back in, you wont lose any info i promise, and if it doesnt work then call in and ask for a senior advisor

  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 (46,565 points)

    Using FaceTime


    Troubleshooting FaceTime


    The Complete Guide to FaceTime: Set-up, Use, and Troubleshooting Problems


     Cheers, Tom

  • yessika Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having trouble connecting on faceTime!  It says connecting and then disconnects.  These are two macbook pro with Lion.  I have used the connection 50 times, now its not working. ***?

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    Same here

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    My facetime also wasnt working, it would connect for like 2 seconds and then disconnect, i then went to my apps store and found that all i needed to do was updated my ios. I did that and my facetime started working again, i hope this helps

  • ladydt12 Level 1 (0 points)

    My facetime also wasn't working, it would connect for like 2 seconds and then disconnect, i then went to my apps store and found that all i needed to do was update my ios. I did that and my facetime started working again, i hope this helps

  • zelous Level 3 (685 points)

    ladydt12 wrote:


    My facetime also wasnt working, it would connect for like 2 seconds and then disconnect, i then went to my apps store and found that all i needed to do was updated my ios. I did that and my facetime started working again, i hope this helps


    with that specific problem (connects for a split second and then disconnects), the main fix is exactly that. according to an apple article im to lazy to find right now it states that as of april 15th or 16th (cant remember) the certificate for facetime expired on older software. im guessing this is because they updated the facetime servers or something. so in order to fix ur facetime u need to update ur software and that should fix it.

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    Hi there,

    Wondering if you might know?  I don't have enough space to update the new software on iPad.  So my facetime isn't working anymore, this is prob why. Seems I have to delete like all the games/apps we have to do so.  Will I lose the progress data/levels in the games? But how do I back up the games data?

    Please help.  Scared to delete them to update and then not have the space to restore them and if I get them again will the levels/progress be gone?

    Thanks Rachel

  • zelous Level 3 (685 points)

    u can do a back up either on itunes on ur computer or icloud, erase the ipad, update it, and then restore back up and bring everything back.

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    But iCloud doesn't have/give me the option to choose all or even the games I want backed up.   It just randomly picks so many games and that's what is backed up in iCloud.  And by the way thanks for being on here and helping people like this! 

    As it is now, the Original power cord is broke andi bought a universal one from family dollar..... Irony hmmmph I was just to the point of learning ' ( thanks to you). That I should just plug it into iTunes pc and update and then my cord ( that had seen its day) had seen its last minute then. Now I can't plug this universal cord into the pc so herei am again at square one. So about a ' backup'. Your saying:  I back the iPad up (this I don't understand how to do still :(   Then if I even could successfully back up  then I could delete, one by one ?  All the games and then after updating, how do I restore as well?

    I reaaaalllllllly appreciate your info!   In the end..  I wish I could just get another apple power cord and plug into the pc though to update.   Ohhhh also,  almost forgot to mention, the cord didn't seem to be THE issue when I got the universal plug the iPad wouldn't charge either, it recognizes it for a split second and then says not charging just like the broken apple cord .  So I assumed it is the inner part of the iPad area where it's plugging into that has the malfunction ?  I looked it up and did see where people have that inner part for sale.   So this is what happened though it said not charging but I left it plugged up anyway and would try to get it to connect now and then and it was dead 2% but it did charge up to 100%. I would say it took almost double as long as 'normal' but while saying not charging in the upper corner the whole time it ended up chrging fully.

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    In.  iCloud&lt;manage storage<   You then can choose 'richard's  iPad'   Or there is 'documents and data'   Under/in here there are about 6 of the 26 games ( this makes me think these are the only ones backed up ? ). But then in the Richard's iPad when you 'see all. 'Choose apps to. Back up' and that opens ALL the games a there and the are all 'on' to be backed up.     So if thisis all the back up is?  Awesome!!...  But I am just not SURE .  If so,   After I delete fromeach page , each game ( also here then you know you delete and it says all saved data' or something like that ' will be deleted'?  And you have to confirm?   I just do all this and they will still be all good in the ' cloud' ?  .?

    Ok, so I delete one by one and then update.   THEN where do I go when it's back up to "restore" everything?.?.?.? 

  • zelous Level 3 (685 points)

    yup, when u tap show all in the back up settings under settings>icloud>storage and back up>manage storage>(name of ipad) back up it will show u everything that is being backed up. i would advise erasing the entire device in order to do the update though because if u delete things individually and ur icloud does a back up at some point again it will save any new changes (example would something u deleted) to the icloud back up. in other words u delete something, ur ipad does its automatic 24 hour back up at some point, it deletes that something out of ur back up as well. so erasing the entire device, NOT using icloud in the set up assistant after erasing it, and then manually updating it in the settings>general>software update is the best way. to erase the device u want to go to settings>general>reset>erase all content and settings.


    after u have updated the device u want to erase it again to put it back into the set up assistant and then choose the option to restore icloud back up when prompted.


    before u do any of this make sure u can sign into the apple id that is in ur icloud settings by going to and trying to sign into the manage apple id section. if u cannot sign in then reset ur password and get it working because ur not going to be able to get ur icloud back up back if u cant.


    as for the ipad charging slowly while plugged in. that can be caused by a lower quality port on a computer or a 5w adaptor for a wall plug. to charge an ipad it is highly suggested u use a usb port 3.0 on a computer or a 10-12w adaptor for a wall plug. u can find out what adaptor u are currently using by searching the model number of the adaptor online.

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