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OMG, I lost everything ... I did a restore.  I have no time machine, no back up.  I had a PC, started using husband's MAC.  I tried data recovery software.  I'm pretty sure this made it worse.  Everything is gone.  Am I right?  Is it gone, or is there any possible way to get this machine back to what it was?  ps please keep in mind, I am brand new to anything mac, apple, etc.  Anxiously awaiting and fearing replies!  Thanks!  (ps with the recovery software, it looks as if it's almost retrieving but there is something protecting retrieval of emails, and other docs with a ".dylib" file or something.  Also, once I did recover, I saved as disk image and now that image says I don't have permissions and it can't be mounted.  ... need some serious HELP!

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8)