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I've just upgraded to Mountain Lion from Lion, and had several Calendars set up on my system, as well as some that are attached to Google Calendars. They also all synced to my iPhone 3G perfectly, so there was no issues if I ever added entries to one or the other, as they always transfered during my iPhone sync through iTunes.


When going through the initial install of Mountain Lion I added the options for iCloud. Now, when I look at Calendars it only includes those synced with Google Calendars. The Cloud seems to have lost my regular calendars. I tried turning the Cloud settings on and off, which somehow managed to find two of my many different calendars, which I thought was a bit odd as they should all be the same technically.


I then tried to sync my iPhone to the Mac, to see if it would pull all the calendars over so everything would be as before. I have all the options ticked on iTunes for this to happen, but it doesn't. I've tried it with the Cloud on and off, as I know that my 3G isn't compatible with Cloud services, but it makes no difference.


I use these calendars a lot and could really use some help if anyone has a suggestion. They are still safe on my iPhone for now, but it's not a very nice UI to use in comparison.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)