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My wife and I saved for more than two years to buy our new Mac desktop model. Her son used the computer to update his iPhone as his laptop crashed months ago. We had been sharing my wife's ancient Dell product and could not update our phone for several months before we got the new computer due to connectivity issues. I was waiting to update my iPhone to the new OS because I was told by a third party that I needed to get some information off the old computer first which still has connectivity issues. In the meantime, he updated his iPhone last week. I plugged my phone in two days ago to send some pictures to my wife and decided to just go ahead and chance updating my phone too. After updating the iPhone I had to go back into iTunes to get my music onto the phone. I finally figured that out but there were 441 songs that I purchased that weren't "on" this computer yet. I go to download them and get told I have to wait 86 more days until I can download those songs. We have separate accounts and have NEVER shared anything other than the desktop computer. Are my wife and I really going to be punished by Apple for being "good parents" and letting her child use our computer? He's getting married in less than 86 days. If he buys music between now and then will he be able to download it, without purchasing his own computer? Is his fiance going to have to buy a seperate computer if she get's an iPhone and wants to start her own iTunes account?


This is asinine.

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