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    This worked for me.  I have restarted the Time Capsule using Restart in the Base Station menu of Airport Utility (after clicking on the Time Capsule) and Time Machine is now backing up without any errors.  Thanks!

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    On Mountain Lion try this -


    Open AirPort Utility (6.0 or higher)

    Select your Time Capsule

    Select the Disk Tab
    Deselect "Enable File Sharing"

    Click OK Let the Time Capsule Re-Boot

    Go Back into AirPort Utility and then re-select "Enable File Sharing" and let it Re-Boot again.


    This fixed it for me!

  • xcwomac Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    VinLouisville said that in response to Ross Barkman, not to you (in case you were wondering why he/she didn't hit your "Like" button).

  • keany1976 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You're absolutely correct - I should've mentioned that - I don't want it to look like I am claiming credit for other peoples solutions.


    I had printed off VinLouisVilles suggestion and typed it in in response to this post as it worked for me and thought it might help.


    I am very much an "asker" and not a solver, and appreciate all the help I have had from the experts on the forums.


    I have no interest in racking up points, or likes - I don't think I have the knowledge base!



  • xcwomac Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    keany1976, you had me so confused at first, until I realized what you had done.


    You basically did the same thing to me as Connie Hawkins42 had done. Do you see on my post where it says, "in response to Connie Hawkins42"? When I wrote that post, I wasn't talking to you at all. I was talking to Connie Hawkins42, because I noticed that she said something, then somebody below her thanked somebody else for advice, but she thought it was in response to what she said, just because it happened to be right below her comment, so she asked them to "like" her helpful post, but they weren't even talking to her in the first place. Just because a comment appears right below yours, doesn't mean that person responded to you. You have to look where it says, "in response to ..." to see who they were really talking to. Hope that helps remove any confusion.

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    I have a strong tendency to relate this to network problems.


    "Suddenly Boom" this started happening?


    Begin by pinpointing the "Boom" event in time. Go and look what changed at, or right before this event.

    9 out of 10, someone changed something without telling you.


    Do a site survey, and watch for new unknown devices on the LAN, someone messing with cabling.. HobbyBob krimping his own connectors, those kind of things.


    Also compare with known good installations you have out theree.


    Happy hunting

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