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This is absolutely ridiculous. They have the exact same album and artist name, yet my latest addition refuses to group with the others. I've tried so many things, yet it still won't group. Tried adding some random text to both the album and artist. Then tried removing the random text. Also tried completely removing all the text and manually typing them again. Still does the exact same thing. And believe me, there are no spaces or weird characters that differentiate them. They are exactly the same. The weird thing is, if I add the word "Nuke" before "Jizztage" in the title, it will then group. What the ****? I don't want the title of the video to be "Nuke Jizztage Volume 1." Just so frustrating for an app that has been around for donkey's years. And no, it's not a big deal. Just annoys me that I have to spend hours trying to figure out why this stupid piece of software won't do the simplest of things!

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