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I have a clean, fairly new MacPro.  I loaded 10.8 and set up an admin account "Fred".  I then encrypted the whole drive using Filevault.  I then migrated a User Account "Jim" from another identical MacPro.  Set Jim to be an Admin account.  Deleted Fred.  Enabled Jim for FV login pass through/single sign on to OSX. I have not (yet) set a master password.


User management in Sys Preferences just shows Jim.  When I restart the machine, FV logins for Jim and Fred appear.  If I use Jim, it logs through FV into OSX as normal.  If I use Fred, it logs into FV and then presents Jim's login to OSX, also normal.  But I can't find a way to delete Fred's FV account.  Can anyone suggest how I can delete Fred's FV login and/or change Fred's password (given that Fred doesn't existing in Sys Pref)?  Thanks

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)