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I had this greyed out no wifi and no Bluetooth error on my Ipad 1 (just 2 years old).


I took it to the apple store and the genius said it was hardware related, and Apple couldn't repair it, but would swap it for £200 ! I found this ridiculous so I left (a little disappointed with Apple customer services for the first time ever!)


Just two weeks later (today 2/9/12) the iPad crashed (hung on safari) so I powered it off and back on, it said I had to activate my iPad (I assumed it had lost everything) so I did and it picked up wifi! All working again. I had to restore from backup as iTunes was complaining It couldn't read iPad but after restore all is working fine!


Wifi browsing working and sync/iCloud all working again!


Anyone else heared of this?

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    Pretty much the same for me..ipad1 2yrs old. Wifi/Bluetooth greyed out. I didn't go back to apple but through research was fearing having to get wifi card replaced. (or not judging from your post!) then battery ran dry and when I charged it came back with re-authorise n then voila! Wifi back....


    Unfortunately mine is not a happy ending (sorry!) I used it for about a week then noticed that it wasn't going online although wifi was still showing bars so restarted it. On restart it asked me to re-authorise again etc...did so but wifi back to greyed out!! Doh!!


    I did a bit of searching previously n came to the conclusion it was hardware (wifi card) but not for sure. Would appreciate any other ideas from peeps with similar experiences. Have dried battery to try old method but this time not working. Very frustrating..


    Maybe internal battery or somethin like that?..(clutching at straws here)

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    I have found a possible reason/solution at another thread:


    I searched for no wifi


    and this thread:


    no wifi, no wifi


    came up. It seems to have explained it for me.

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    The initial thought that putting the iPad in the fridge sounded a bit like a desperate a last resort ;) Well having not being bothered with it for a few weeks. Or should I say given up on it I thought b****r it and put it in a Tupperware box and stuck it in the fridge compartment for an hour n guess what...switched it back on and it came up with 'activation required' and then asked which wireless network do I want to choose. Bloody thing works now!


    Begs the question though considering this is the second time it's happened...


    Do I have to treat like a bottle of milk now and keep it permanently in the fridge..!  Hmmm...

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    I am having similar problems with my first generation ipad with wifi + 3g capabilities but my problem was that my device kept restarting and saying "activation required" so of course like a desperate idiot like I was I went to the Apple store in hopes that these so called Apple Genius people can help solve my problem. Nontheless I traveled all the way to the store and received no help and no proper diagnostic as to why my ipad was non functioning properly. Desperately wanting my ipad to work I did some googling and tried doing the restoring to factory settings using the recovery mode and I was so happy that I was able to get my ipad to work again but once again faced issues with connecting to wifi (the same with your grayed out no wifi situation) and this morning I turned my ipad on and the stupid "activation required" came back up again. After going through numerous complaints from other ipad users having similar issues it seems as if this is a manufacture software defect on Apples part after the latest update. I don't see why we have to pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement just because Apple doesn't know how to get their sh*t together.

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    Am Holding Iphone 4, after updating Software version  IOS 6.0.1(10A523), my wifi turn greyed with no wifi signal..

    I tried all the options,rest networking and reset all settings too...still its not working..Can anyone help me, how to solve this issue..!

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    At Christmas I bought my lady an Ipad(retina with wifi) sometime after that I noticed my 9month old iphone4s was not connecting to wifi, i thought it may be a DHCP problem on the EDIMAX wifi router which is setup to run WEP, I have tried the following roughly in this order. All with varying degrees of temporary success!

    1 toggle wifi in iphone settings

    2 toggle airplane mode,

    3 Reboot iphone,

    4 Reboot router,

    5 Factory reset router - no password no encryption,

    6 restore via tunes from december 2012 backup

    7 restore via itunes from march 2012 backup

    8 general reset and restore from march 2012 backup

    9 as above but reset all settings via phone

    10 Reset network settings in iphone


    my wifi constantly drops out, sometimes the wifi toggle switch has greyed out requiring iphone reboot, sometimes even that hasnt worked and requires that the ihone has been restored.


    I am now at a loss as to what has happened, is it hardware or software? I bought the phone from Tesco but am i correct that I can take it into any apple store for help?


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    Genius bar told me that the greyed out wifi toggle apparently is an indication the there is a hardware fault!


    As you know if you followed the thread, I was able to recover for a very short time by restoring the operating system, but within 30mins the connection was being dropped. toggling the wifi on and off by either "forgetting network" settings or resetting iphone, or using the "aircraft mode" almost always results in a wifi toggle switch being greyed out! I don't know but it is possible that the errors are being tallied internally and on reaching a preset quota inform the user that there is an issue, This in my case takes the form of the wifi being greyed out!


    The phone was just in warranty and apple replaced it free of charge, It had a month to run but the phone comes with a 90 day warranty. It was fully backed up so no real problem other than the 100mile round trip to the apple store.

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    GOOD NEWS (I hope)  I have done all the so called resets, reinstalls and restarts.  I have even put my 4s in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes then did a General>Reset>Reset Network Setting which was successful for a few minutes.  As soon as the 4s got back to room temperature, it would lose the wifi connection. 


    Yesterday morning (9-29-13) I tried another suggestion which HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL for 26  hours now.


    After putting the 4s in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, I did another General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. 


    Then I went to my wifi and it connected. 


    Once connected I tapped on the wifi connection and then I tapped on the small "i" within the circle to the right of my wifi connection. 


    I scrolled down near the bottom of the page and tapped on Renew Lease.


    My 4s has been connecting perfectly.  It stayed connect in my home.  I went to Starbucks and it connected there with NO PROBLEM and then I went to another local location and it picked up wifi with no problem.  Upon returning home it reconnected automatically to my home wifi.  I got up this morning (9-30-13) and it STILL WORKS!  I hope this is not a short term thing.  I will be thrilled if it is truly fixed.


    Sorry, I didn't read the date of your post but I will leave this here anyway just in case it helped someone who is having trouble with ios7 wifi since September 2013 upgrade.


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    Unfortunately, my 4s only worked for a few days.  Basically, I have been without wifi/bluetooth since my upgrade to ios7.  I have decided to dump all my apple gadgets and move up to the Galaxy 4s.  I'm done with apple!!

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    I had same problem with my 4s, bluetooth ok but wifi greyed out. Went through Apple techs and reset numerous occassions. nothing worked. I refused to pay £200 for a replacement as the product should last longer than 18 months. I was convinced it was the ios 7 update that caused the issue. I work outside and when the phone is freezing cold my wifi started working. once it warmed up it stopped again. I found a website in canada that shows a video of a guy heating his 4s up until the temperature warning comes on the screen and then putting it in the fridge to cool down. I did the same today and it's working now!

    Check out http://www.businessinsider.in/Apple-Censors-News-That-iOS-7-Upgrade-Disables-Wif i-On-Some-Iphones/articleshow/24884721.cms


    and http://www.iosappsandhacks.com/fix-wi-fi-on-iphone-4s


    This may shed some light on the subject.

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    Ok, I was not going to write all this but I felt a strong need to share.  MY iPHONE 4S HAS WIFI AND BLUETOOTH again after losing it with the install of iOS7.


    Back on Sept. 18, 2013, I upgraded my iPhone to the Apple iOS7 operating system. As a result, I lost all wifi and Bluetooth capabilities. I went to the Apple help sites and did ALL of the so called "fixes". Some I did many times with either temporary luck or no luck. Thankfully, I have unlimited data service and could survive without wifi or Bluetooth until such a time I wanted to spend $699 to upgrade my iPhone (I have 64G) After running my iPhone 4s through my front load washer last Saturday, Jan, 18, 2014 (extra hot and extra water) I figured I had nothing to lose by trying the hair dryer & rice tricks. (I need to add that once it was washed, I NEVER tried to turn it on. I know that water and electronics don't mix.) Anyway, I removed the SIM card so it would not be damaged by the heat of the blow dryer.  After heating the iPhone 4s with the blow dryer and then cooling in a bag of rice several times, at one point the iPhone got so hot that a warning message came on saying to let it cool. I put it in a bag of rice and let it cool. After about 30-45 minutes, I was walking by the counter where the iPhone was sitting and it was ringing!!!! Well dang.... I had to answer it to see if it worked and it DID!!!! After my conversation, I turned it completely off, reinstalled the SIM card and turned it back on.  I went into SETTINGS and checked for wifi and bluetooth and they were both on.  All I had to do was re-enter my passwordl  Not only does the iPhone 4s work 5 days later.... the wifi and Bluetooth still work perfectly!!!! There must be an electronic "god" out there!!

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    Follow these steps to resolve the issue that how to fix grayed out Wifi on iPhone:

        Restart your iOS device.

        Make sure that airplane mode is off by tapping Settings > Airplane Mode.

        Reset the network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

        This will reset all network settings, including Bluetooth pairing records, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN, and APN settings.

        Make sure that your device is using the latest software. To do so, connect your device to your computer and check for updates in iTunes.

    If you still can't turn Wi-Fi on, please try iPhone Transfer to see if it works. If you can turn Wi-Fi on but are experiencing other issues with Wi-Fi, see how to resolve those Wi-Fi issues