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Hi there


I've read various hints and advice on how to achieve this, but I still struggle.


iCal 4.0.4

OSX 10.6.8


Issue is as follows:


I set up may googlemail account and it syncs with iCal fine (at least it imports calendar from google) - it shows as CalDAV account in the settings.


But the other way around doesn't work at all. I have many calendars listed unter "on my mac" which I cannot get to sync with google calendar.

When I click on "delegates", these "on my mac" calendars just don't show up - just the ones I have in google.


So how do I get my local "on my mac" calendars into the google calendar? "publish" doesn't work as well...


Would be great if someone could le me know, how do acheive this!

Mac OS X (10.6.8)