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A week ago I bought iTunes Match.

Now, that iTunes got to the point that all of my songs were matched I got a system message popup, that my system disk was getting full.

I had more than 150GB of space the week before so I started looking for where it had been used for.

To my surprise I found more than 4000 temp files consuming more than 100GB of drive space in the iTunes directory, named like this:


Temp File 1.tmp

Temp File 2.tmp


Temp File 4652.tmp


They were all roughly the same size as the file:


iTunes Music Library.xml


And then there is another file of the "same" size:


Temp File.tmp


Whenever I play a song, add a song to my library, change a rating, or more general, whenever I do anything that leads to an update of the iTunes library a new version of the Temp File is created instead of updating the existing library.


This seems to be an iTunes bug to me. Is there anything I can do to workaround it without jeopardizing my library (it's backed up of course).

The problem started, exactly at the time when I bought iTunes Match and the matching of my library began.


Has anyone else experienced this problem and knows how to solve it?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)