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In Mountain Lion, display profile changes when some applications open (e.g., Aperture).

I'm using a calibrated profile in a Mac Book Pro.

When the application starts, the screen becames more 'bluer'.


It also happens with other application (not all of them).


It started after upgrading to Mountain Lion.

I have a Mac with Lion that works ok on this.


Do you know this issue?

Is there a workaround?

Is this a early OS System bug that will be solved in the future?




Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
  • Prachi G. Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. I was having this same problem and maybe just fixed it.


    I went into /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays and found two ColorSync profiles whose names were of the form




    I didn’t create those, and I’m not sure who did. However, after deleting them—moving them to the Desktop will probably work too—and rebooting, the problem went away.