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  • ross207 Level 1 Level 1

    Im not sure how they could hold up a "holier than thou" view Mike  - they are proposing pushing bits of paper into my $75 shiny new mouse to make it work.


    My problem is bluetooth dropout, and its not interference ( other wifi mice work ok).  the problem is Apple have conflict between design and technical functionality. the iPhone 4 arial was a classic example.


    This corded Mighty Mouse that i am using tonight is another - everyone knows about its problems with dirt on the roller ball. What idiot added a tiny roller ball that cannot be removed for cleaning?  Apple - find out who it is and sack them. They arent doing you any favours.


    But Mike - if you think $1800 investment in junk is bad, I spent over $10,000 in a year on one of pretty much everything Apple make (apart from an iMac).  You would think the genius bar would give me decent answers.....


    If I hear the words  "go into Terminal and type......."  I will scream.

  • wmike1503 Level 1 Level 1

    Yep, grossley ovverated product and company - Emporers new clothes syndrome - had a total HD failure after 18 months - after 2 years complaining - finally got refunded the cost of the repair - faulty HDs eventually admitted to.  Apology - don't hold your breath.


    Customer care is non-existent.  Certainly will never buy Apple again.

  • Paul de Neef Level 1 Level 1

    A battery switch to Duracell Ultra Power started the same problem. This thread blames the batteries size. Going from there and using some elementary school electronics... take a close look at the mouse you'll see two springing contacts at the back and two contact holes at the front. Shaking the mouse can't disconnect the minus pole of the battery, so it must be the plus that gets disconnected. In order to eliminate that problem you take your razor blade and cut of the covering plastic at the plus pole of the battery. This gives you a longer knob at the plus side.  The difference is might be just two hairs wide but it works for me.


    Though I'm suprised teh Chinese manage to make such a delicate product, in my opinion a Chinese mouse should eat  everything. And I refuse to put paper in this Chinese product. I'll wait patiently till the Chinese uncensor their Internet and the Peoples from the Republic want wages higher than ours. Hopefully Apple will have relocated production to Germany far before that happens




    Rotterdam, NL

  • altv Level 1 Level 1

    It is called Magic because there is a trick to getting them to work. And as everyone knows, the magician will never tell you how to do the trick. It has to be the biggest load of garbage that ever came out of Christendom!


    I have tried all sorts of batteries and still the thing disconnects. Fortunately, I have a belt and braces system, in which I have the "Magic" trackpad as well, so that if the mouse goes AWOL, I can get it reconnected via the operation of the trackpad.


    What a way to run a battleship!! I have complained so many times to the Apple Store that I now give up. Wireless to Apple is meaningless! Magic Mouse, what a misnomer!!



  • ilcapitanomark Level 1 Level 1

    I have something for this topic to say.


    After almost an year searching many times how to solve the problem of this magic mouse I was almost loosing my patience when suddendlys I found the problem and the solution.

    One day I was very nervous and the connection was lost many times and many times I recreated the connection.

    Other day the connection was going without any issue.

    Battery, super charged or low in charge, doesn't have an influence.


    The I started to try be nervous.


    Well when you are nervous you are not the person that use soft way to address things. When you are nervous you are nervous.


    When you use the mouse, normally you start to lift a little bit up and down in order to move the mouse. The bluetooth is wave, but the mouse is still hardware and if you are nervous you start to use the mouse more rigidly and to shock on the table more hardly.


    The problem:

    The magic mouse loose the connecion


    The cause:

    a mechanical shot on the table


    The solution:

    be soft using the mouse

    When you use this mouse you shouldn't shock him on the table


    It now 5 months I'm less nervous with the mouse and I din't lost the connecion anymore.


    I hope you find this helpfull

  • Krutsch Level 1 Level 1

    Ha ha ha... yeah, that's it!  You were just holding it wrong

  • mediteran Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue for a couple of days now. Loosing connection every now and then. Especially when lifting the mouse and "knocking" it onto the desk. With two Magic Mice and two Macs. Already for years, I'm using Eneloops exclusively. After reading your solutions, especially with the folded peace of paper, I've got another idea. I took pure alcohol (from the pharmacy), and cleaned the contacts in the mice, as well as of the rechargeables. Perfect result instantly!

  • Kort Level 3 Level 3

    I've got a Mac Pro at work and 2 iMacs at home. The Magic Mouse has been working just fine until the past week for one of my home iMacs. It will stop working, report a dropped connection, then start working again. I'll try using Duracells and cleaning the contacts. The MM has worked great up until now -  I'm not sure why all of the haters are coming out of the woodwork.

  • Danny Showalter Level 1 Level 1

    I went to a Mobee magjic charger and have had no issues since.

  • mediteran Level 1 Level 1

    No alternative charger or different batteries needed, definitely. Use your rechargables as before, just clean all contacts of the mouse and batteries with alcohol. Had this issue with one more mouse last days, works perfectly and instantly.

  • marielospena Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same problem after years of flawless performance. I tried the folded paper, changed batteries - cleaning the contacts worked for me. I just did it with a clean dry cloth. The mouse is working perfectly again.

  • marielospena Level 1 Level 1

    Clean the contacts.

  • Brian Murphy 777 Level 1 Level 1

    Just received a Magic Mouse for my birthday. Experienced this same issue, disconnection when lifting mouse and setting back down. This was out of the box, with the included Energizer Advanced batteries. Thankfully my gift giver also got me a Mobee Magic Charger that I was planning to use anyway, it replaces the whole bottom plate with it's own plate and rechargable battery in one structure and is mightly snug, solving the problem.



    Disappointed this happened out of the box though. If battery size is slightly different between brands, and these Energizer batteries are have caused problems previously, then Apple should probably look into including different batteries from the factory.

  • GabeSF Level 1 Level 1

    Sane problem.


    Followed solution of replacing batteries for Apple brand ones.


    Problem solved


    . You are a Genius. Thank you!

  • wave d Level 1 Level 1

    Battery size is NOT the problem, think about it really. As noted previously, the springs are BIG. Blue tooth may be the problem for some.


    For me it was EASY. Clean the contacts in the mouse. Qtip or pencil erraser will do the trick.

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