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I will try to explain this the best I can.


My wife had a Dell laptop that she had her iTunes account on. She has an iPad 2 and a iPhone 3S that were synced with this account. She got a new Mac Book Pro about six months ago. I decommisioned the Itunes account off of that laptop, and we set up her Mac Book's iTunes account with here same iTunes account information she used before. She no longer has the Dell laptop.


She hasn't synced up her iPad or iPhone since she got the Mac Book, but now she really does need to get that iPad plugged in. She has taken a lot of pictures and videos with the iPad.


I am afraid to plug it into the Mac Book's iTunes due to thinking it will erase and reset everything.


I fear the same on her phone.


I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed so she doesn't lose anything. We plan on upgrading her phone when the new ones come out, so her phone will be an issue soon as well.


Thanks for any advice!

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1