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Despite following instructions to set Settings > Calendars > Time Zone Support "on"... when I receive an invitation to accept a meeting sent to me from another person at 11 EASTERN (I'm in PACIFIC), when I accept it puts it on MY calendar at 11...


We've completely reset the iphone, reloaded everything from scratch, and it's still going on... grrrrrrr.


AND I cannot drag it to another time since I'm not the invitor...


ANY ideas how to fix this?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    There is also a time zone setting in Settings>General>Date & Time>Time zone. See what that is set on. However, if you have Date & Time set to "Set Automatically", it should show the time zone you are located in. Also make sure the setting in Options in Outlook is set correctly, as is the setting for Time and Date on your computer.

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    Hi there!

    2 issues -

    1 - I have the  Settings>General>Date & Time>Time zone set to "Set Automatically" and it shows correctly my time.

    2 - I don't use outlook - the person requesting the meeting does. She sent the meeting request and it reads correctly at her end as an 11 a.m. eastern start. The problem is when I accept the meeting it's showing up as 11 pacific instead of 8 (my time)

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    I'm not sure, but I'm looking at Outlook on my computer, and I wonder if the person sending the invite has to make sure that they are using the correct time zone. If they don't have the correct one set in Outlook, it could be sending incorrect information in the ics file it is sending to you.


    Has it ever worked in the past? If not, that is the only thing I can think of. Setting the time zone in Outlook is not a standard setting, and does not necessarily default to the time zone you have the computer set to. While it can display the correct date and time, it may have something to do with how invites are sent. Everything I get is in the same timezone, so I cannot speak from experience. It is worth a try to have them check.

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    Thanks. I'll ask them to take a look... I can't think of anything else either!

    I appreciate your thoughts on this.

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    Your welcome. Let me know, as I would be curious to know the answer. It also helps me keep information in my head to answer other questions.

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    I will. I think it worked 'fine' for a second california based NON-iphone user, so it may be one of those endlessly annoying issues. I'll come back and post when I hear back from her.

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    I am having this same problem.  My business uses yahoo for e-mail.  When I receive an .ics invite (from another timezone) on my phone and accept it lands on my calendar with the same time as the sender.  (This is not a display issue as my Yahoo calendar does have the correct timezone associated with it).  Blackberry never had this problem with the same setup.


    I hope there is a solution to this problem.

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    I have the same problem. I'm about to call Apple support because this is driving me crazy and was never an issue on my Blackberry.

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    @LeeAC. I believe your issue to be different. I believe yours has to do with your Time Zone Support. If it is turned on, it should support the current time zone that you have selected, and your calendar events should be changed to that zone. If it is off, it will display based on where you are, and I don't think it will make adjustments to calendar invites. This is located at Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Time Zone Support.

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    Those settings only effect what is displayed not the 'absolute' time that the event is given on the calendar.  The folks at support tried all variations with this issue.  I have sent them the invite and they were able to duplicate the issue.  There is nothing wrong with the way the multi-billion dollar global company is setting their calendar invites.  (They work just fine for anyone using a blackberry.)


    I still don't have a reply back from them, but I remain hopeful. 

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    Please call Apple.  In talking with several colleagues who have had the iPhone for much longer than myself, I discovered that this problem has existed for quite a while.  They have been using google sync combined with outlook client to accept invitations so that they appear correctly in their calendars - crazy.  But, I note that they never took the time to call to get this issue on the books... I hope you will

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    Has anyone found a fix for this ?? I have the same problem with my Iphone 4S IOS 7.0.4....When I accept a meeting sent from outlook from east time zone ( I am in Arizona time zone -2 hrs) time show as original east time. I have tryed all that I have found in forums an nothing seems to work....any help will be greatly appreciated .

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    This fixed it for me ( I have iphone 5s, but had the same problem with 4s) =


    settings-mail-contacts-calendars-time zone support- "off"


    settings-general-date&time-set auotmatically-on ( and time zone set as appropriate).


    After turning the time zone support "off" , my calendar was correct. It reflected the change on the event instantly but took a minute or two to update the scheduled taskes ( the little section under the calendar itself)


    When it was "on" it showed the time for events as pst., then when I turned it "off", it showed the event at my local time(mountain).


    hope this works for you guys. best of luck

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    Worked for me too! iPhone 4S iOS 7.1.2


    researchrachael ftw!