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I'm using iTunes 9 on a Mac running OS 10.4.11.  I just imported a bunch of CD's from a set I just bought (Time-Life's Malt Shop Memories, if that matters).  Always before, after I imported CD's I'd go to "Advanced" and "Get Track Names," and it would get the track names.  Now I get a message saying "iTunes cannot get CD track names for CD's that were not imported using iTunes."  But I *did* import using iTunes!  Anybody have any idea what's wrong, and how I can fix it?  Thanks!

iBookG4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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When you import CDs using iTunes, iTunes gets track information from Gracenote database. Did you not get the opportunity to do this?



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    When you import CDs using iTunes, iTunes gets track information from Gracenote database. Did you not get the opportunity to do this?



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    Thank you for replying.


    I had my preferences set not to get the names automatically, because on  general principles I don't want *anything* done automatically if I can avoid it.  I did what I've always done before:  I imported the CD's first, they showed up in the music library as "Track 1," "Track 2," etc.  (several tracks 1 and tracks 2, actually).  I then highlighted them and went to "advanced" to get the track names for all of them at once.  It even says in the "Help" instructions for iTunes that you can do that.  Always before it's connected to Gracenote and pulled the names, but now it's saying I have to import the tracks using iTunes - which is exaclty what I had done to begin with.


    After reading your message, I went back and tried again.  I put the CD in and clicked on "Import."  The tracks showed up in the music library by number, but this time I didn't go to the music library, I stayed on the part that had just the tracks from the CD listed (showing as Track 1, 2, etc.).  I clicked on Advanced, and it let me get the track names.  But then it insisted that I import the CD again, at which point the songs went by their names into the music library (where they already were as Track 1, 2, etc.).  I tried going to the music library first and clicking on the Track 1, 2, etc. files that were still there, and getting track names for them - and again got the error message about how I had to import using iTunes.


    I'm not always connected to the Internet when I import CD's, which used to work just fine but now doesn't.  What I'm trying to figure out is *why* it doesn't, so I can make it behave again the way it did before.

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    I am using Mac OS Mountain Lion and just recently updated to ITunes 11.

    After updating to Itunes 11 two weeks ago I can't get Track info on any CD that I try to import.

    When I try to get the track info I get a message:
    "Can't connect to CDDB database, make sure you have an internet connection"

    I know that my internet connection is working and I tried ripping the same CD on my other Mac that is still running ITunes 10 and it does retreive the CD information.

    Anybody know what is going on?

    What is Apple doing about it?

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    Same problem as Elsie and I SRGN. Very frustrating that my new ipod won't work with my old machine (5 yr old) and now I can't get the import to work on the brand new machine. I have been an Apple fan for many years.....after my 6 month old ipod nano stuck it's power key and the new one won't work on a new machine I'm getting very frustrated. Really was Jobs that big a deal to the daily running of the company?

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    Has anybody proposed a solution to this?  Itunes will recognize some CD's & tracks on my iMac at present, but not others.  (iTunes 11.02, OSX 10.8.3)  I understand that this information should come from the Gracenote media database. 


    jimzgoldfinch asked the original poster, elsiebiades, if they had been given the choice to get the information from Gracenote.  I did have my preferences set to "Automatically retrieve CD track names from internet,"  but did not get an opportunity to do this.


    iTunes Help, under "if you don't see song information" has a link to "Look up CD information in the Gracenote media database."  Opening this link yields a set of insructions asking you to click on the Options icon (looks like a gear), in the upper right corner of the iTunes window, alongside a CD info icon amd one with a "down arrow" labeled Import CD.  None of these icons appears in my current iTunes window. 


    Other than jimzgoldfinch, nobody seems to be responding with solutions.  Is this some glitch in the latest iTunes version that just hasn't been addressed yet? 

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    OK, maybe nobody proposed an answer because it was stunningly obvious.  If iTunes is already open when I insert the CD, I get a window with the choices mentioned by jimzgoldfinch.  If I insert the CD and later open iTunes, I don't. So far.

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    Update: I know this is something with WiFi settings and I have tried everything suggested in several forums. The only thing that works for me is: insert CD, do not import, turn WiFi off then on, get track names, import. Grrrrrr. But it does work. So what setting have I not tried?

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    It is as if gracenote does not exist anymore when uploading a cd I had to manually type in all info from U2 vertigo. get track info is ON automatically get info. Older cds I understand may not be in the database but aa 2004 pop album? I will try some of the different work arounds offered here.

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    The funny thing is, is that my car's CD system - that allows me to store CD's on a built-in 20GB drive - DOES recognize the CD title and all track names.  They are there.  Why can't iTunes do this???  Why does it need a useless internet service, the info is all there already on the CD.  Apple?  Let's get on the stick and provide some support here.

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    I was importing Disc 3 of James Brown's STAR TIME, and the track names showed as Track 1, Track 2, etc. I tried "Get Track Names". Still no song titles. I filled them in manually from Discogs, hoping I'd have better luck with Disc 4. But no, same thing. Also with the next disc I tried to import. I no longer see where there's an option to prefer to automatically get track names.
    I tried "reset cache" (in advanced preferences), which I don't really understand what that does; but after doing that, I asked for track names again and they came up like usual. Next CD goes in and the track names come up fine. What was up with the cache that it needed to be reset I haven't a clue—this was my first time with the problem. But resetting it seems to have fixed the problem.

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    Has this issue been solved? 

    working with OS X El Capitain

    & iTues 12

    can't seem to import track names either during or after downloading a CD

    I just get a "no error" error message.

    also,  track 01 always seems to disappear out of the play list.

    There doesn't seem to be a check box anymore for acquiring track names

    any help greatly appreciated

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    Tried emptying cache but had no effect.   all I get now is a message saying CDDB information is not available.   which is some progress I suppose.......

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    Stuck with the same problem.  Every  once in a while it works.  But then it reverts back to the "no error" message or "error in communications subsystem".  So dang frustrating