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    Yes, removing poscasts from playlists to the Podcast App is upsetting. The simple solution is to remove the Podcast app from your iPhone and restart your iPhone. Poscasts should return to your playlist. That was my solution. I will comment that lost functionality in applications without comment by Apple is upsetting. I am giving Apple a pass here. Apple Maps gets a pass too. There are workarounds for that beta App as well. Technology is a process and the market is competitive. I am wary of Apple's social media integration on privacy grounds and "most" wary of Apple's incremental lockdown of OS X. As an Apple fan since 1984 I have begun to feel a shift in my comfort level with Apple. For now I am firmly entrenched and happy to be. As far as security, I have always trusted Apple to do the right thing and they always have. But my I am starting to burnish my shield.

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    the problem, at least my problem, is that after deleting Podcast.App from my phone, restarting, & syncing, my podcast playlist doesn't show in my Music App. 


    the Mac, itunes, & the iphone are all UTD.  dunno. 

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    After deleting Podcast App, you may have to resync using iTunes.Turn off and restart your iPhone. Plug in your iPhone, select your iPhone under devices in the Left column, choose Podcasts in the header, select/check your playlist under Inlcude Episodes from Playlists. If you don't see your Playlist listed, create one and repeat.

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    Thanks, Tom, for the detailed info, but still doesn't work.  I even deleted the playlist and recreated with a new name, still doesn't show (although in iTunes, under the device 4S, the new folder is listed and is populated.  It's just in the Music app that it's not working.). 


    My mistake, I guess is that I'd already started down the road with the other suggestion, of >Get Info > Option, and changing the > Media Type to  Audiobook.  That sorta worked, but they wouldn't sort manually, kept reverting to alphabetical (even though I right clicked the list and selected sort to play order.  So I switched it all back. 


    Imagine I've got it pretty screwed up. 


    I'm thinking about restoring my iphone and starting over.  I've been backing up to the cloud.  I haven't done it before, but I hear I'll need a long time.  I actually have paying work I need to get done, working with my hands, so my obsessing over this is costing me. 

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    Make sure your playlist is selected under Podcasts. No reason this should not work!

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    Like a lot of people, it seems, I use and really depend on a smart playlist that automatically creates a queue of all the unplayed episodes from many different podcasts arranged from oldest to newest. I was distraught to find this had gone away in iOS 6, and have given the new Podcasts app a one-star review.


    But I have at last found a fix that has worked for me, at least. I deleted the Podcasts app from my iPhone 4 (and from iTunes on my Mac), re-started my iPhone, and - Happy Days! - the unplayed podcast episodes I was looking for have returned to my smart playlist in the Music app, as they are in the iTunes smart playlist on my Mac.

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    Tom I understand, but a regular playlist of podcasts will not show for me. 


    Geoff is making a good distinction we'd not really addressed.  My Smart Playlist shows in the iPhone Music App fully populated with podcasts, as he says.  However, my hand sorted Playist does not. 


    I download maybe 20 or 30 podcasts each day with the morning Refresh.  The latest podcasts are pulled into the Smart Playlist.  Then I go through that list, check the description and source using iTunes on my Mac, and then rack and stack a custom handsorted playlist of podcasts to fit the time I'll have that day. 


    I've pulled the pin on a restore and backup from morning of the 20th for the iphone.  Probably needed it anyway.  I'll report back. 

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    It is working for me to change the Media Kind in Options to Audiobook. Then, make certain the leftmost column (with the rank numbers) is sorted lowest to highest. Order your podcasts however you like. Now, right-click on the name of the playlist and choose "Copy to Play Order" - this was broken in iOS 5 for Smart Playlists, such that I had to make a manual playlist from my Smart Playlist and sort the podcasts there. Now, the play order sticks in my Smart Playlist (so that played podcasts no longer appear) but I have to change the Media Kind. One step forward, one step back.


    For those of you leaving comments at you might want to mention how this feels much more like Windows or Android than Apple - like how you would expect to have to do this on a Samsung phone. Maybe that will rile them up.


    Good luck!


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    Apple Watch

    Yup.  I have them checked but they're still not showing up!


    I even check that they are appearing in the list when I select the disclosure triangle next to my device in iTunes, but none of those playlists are visible in the playlist list in the Music app on the device


    Tested with an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5

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    I don't use smart playlists, maybe that's the problem. My podcasts all tranfer to the Music App in iOS 6 on my iPhone 4. Don't know why it won't work for you then.

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    Also, I don't use iTunes Match and in my Music settings on my iPhone it is deselected.

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    This is what I did and it works fine.

    I am on the latest version of iTunes and and operating my iPhne 4S on IOS 6.


    1) Delete the Podcast App

    2) Turn iPhone off and then back on.

    3) Create a New Smart Playlist in iTunes.

    4) Sync iPhone

    5) On the PODCAST TAB of iTunes make sure the playlist you want is checked.

    6) Sync iPhone

    7) Podcast palylist will show in the Music App (iPod App)

  • Tom Dignam Level 1 Level 1

    What he said!

  • gujamin Level 4 Level 4
    Apple Watch

    That does seem to work for smart playlists but not for normal ones and I need the normal ones to work

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