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I've noticed on a few of my Macs, holding down Command-R at startup will boot them into Internet Recovery mode instead of the normal Lion Recovery mode.


Is there a way of reverting this change?



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  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    Hold down Command+Option+r at startup until you see a spinning globe in the center of the screen.

    Have the system Wired to your router.

  • Morgan R Level 2 (215 points)

    Sorry, I probably wasn't clear in my question.


    When I boot whilst holding Command-R I get the spining globe. I don't want the spinning globe, I'd like the normal Lion Recovery screen with Disk Utility.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    The only time you get the Spinning globe from the Command+r keys is when there is NO built in recovery HD partition on a drive connected, internally or externally, to the system.


    So it would seem you do not have a recovery HD partition on your internal drive.


    You can use this to rebuild it but then that only get you the Lion Recovery HD.

  • Morgan R Level 2 (215 points)

    I see. Thank you, I'll take a look at the article.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    To check the partition on your internal drive open Terminal and type "diskutil list" (or listdisk. I foget which) then the enter key and you should have 3 partitions.




    and Boot


    Not specifically in that order.

  • Morgan R Level 2 (215 points)

    I have 3 partitions. GUID_partition_scheme, EFI and Apple_HFS. I guess the GUID partition should be the recovery one?

  • babowa Level 7 (29,930 points)

    You can also paste this command into Terminal (it will make hidden partitions visible):


    defaults write com.apple.diskutility DUDebugMenuEnabled 1


    Launch DU and to to Debug (menu bar) and select "show every partition".


    If you have a recovery HD, the hidden partition(s) should then show like this:


    Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 7.52.17 AM.png

    If you don't have one, you can try downloading/installing the entire OS over the top of the current one; that should create a new Recovery HD. This has worked for me - however, I just tried that on a newly created clone of my MBP and it would not do it. My guess is that is has to do with the fact that this MBP came preinstalled with the OS rather than having purchased Lion or ML from MAS.

  • Morgan R Level 2 (215 points)

    I don't have a recovery partition on the Mac - I guess using NetInstall sometimes doesn't copy the Recovory Partition - strange.


    This confirms that I need to create one - thank you babowa!

  • babowa Level 7 (29,930 points)

    Check these two articles:




    I checked the above myself after the failed attempt to create a recovery HD; from what I've gathered (and I've not had the time to test this myself), I'd need to boot into my clone, from there boot into (internet) recovery and it may create a (local) recovery partition for me:




    FWIW: my external clone was created using CarbonCopyCloner and it did successfully create a recovery on a Lion volume; however, it may not be completely compatible with ML yet because it messes up the system if you try having it create a recovery partition on an ML volume. So I chose not to have it do that and just cloned the OS - hence no recovery HD. As far as I know, there is no other software that can create/copy a hidden partition (except CCC) as of yet.


    The perfect solution: I want install media!

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    Hi There,


    As you said that Internet option comes only when one does not have recovery disk available. In my case, i had it available before and i successfully started mac. Than i started using iMovie and my system froze. I restarted machine and now i am not able to get recovery disk option while pressing Option key as well as Option + Command + R.  Any suggestion? Why that disk is not available now? What should i do to fix it now?