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I spent way too much time yesterday testing out different ways to make this work. Essentially, not matter what I do, I can change artwork on one device and it will populate to the others, but when I "Update iTunes Match", the artwork will revert to the old artwork. It's like iTumes match has already decided the artwork I have given them so far is permanent.


The only artwork changes I can get to permanently sitck are albums that had no artwork previously.


I have tried


  • Deleting the music files from the computer entirely, just in case there was artwork embedded in the files causing the problem.
  • Deleting ALL of the artwork folders from the iTumes folder on my main machine.
  • Turning off iTunes Match on everything, even iOS devices and just using the main machine.


It is a tease because I can be on my main machine, change some artwork, and I can see it almost immediately change on my Apple TV and my Macbook Air. Everything looks great, then you come back later, your main Mac has performed a "Update iTunes Match" and the time you spent updating your artwork is now lost.

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