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From what I've read elsewhere. The Apple USB SuperDrive if connected to current iMac's will not be recognised.


I was wondering if it would be possible to connect the Apple USB SuperDrive to the iMac when it is used with/has a Virtual Machine with Parellels Desktop, would the Apple USB SuperDrive be then recognised in the Windows side?


Thanks in advance.

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  • captfred Level 7 (26,290 points)

    Probably not.  First it has to be recognized by the Mac side in order to assign it to the VM as a virtual device.

  • tal1971 Level 2 (245 points)

    Ok thanks for the help captfred.

  • tal1971 Level 2 (245 points)

    On generally the same topic:


    I'm wanting to use an external cd/dvd drive writer to do the bulk of my burning and ripping. My thinking is that it will take some of the demand off of the internal SuperDrive, plus if the external cd\dvd drive writer failed it would be a relatively easy job to replace it, when compared to the difficulty involved with replacing the internal SuperDrive.


    I'm basically wondering if its possible to use an external cd/dvd drive writer with an iMac, and if so which brands, types are the ones that are compatible. From the quick reading around on the net, I've heard LaCie drives mentioned a few times for their compatibility.


    Also on occasions I might want to copy from the internal SuperDrive to the external cd/dvd drive, would this be possible?


    Thanks in advance

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  • garyfromrio linda Level 2 (290 points)

    Check Other World Computing for DVD burners in addition to LaCie.  They have many varieties and prices.  I use an external writer for all my burning.  And yes, you can copy from the Superdrive to an external writer and vice-versa.

  • tal1971 Level 2 (245 points)

    garyfromrio linda wrote:


    Check Other World Computing for DVD burners in addition to LaCie.  They have many varieties and prices.  I use an external writer for all my burning.  And yes, you can copy from the Superdrive to an external writer and vice-versa.


    Thanks very much for the help its much appreciated. Unfortuantely I'm in the UK and with international shipping it makes the DVD burners a bit pricey. But at least I know now that its possible to use an external writer to do the vast amount of my burning.


    Thanks again.

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    For what it's worth I just use, and have for many year with many computer model, a standard external DVD burner in a really cheap USB external case. Ugly, noisy and messy but for the 2 times a year I need to use a burner it works great.

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    Thanks infinite vortex.


    So the method you've mentioned, I assume that you use it with a iMac/Mac and it works fine?


    I never thought about making one with an external case/caddie and an internal DVD drive/burner to put in it, I might look into that.


    I assume that if I look at the specifications of the DVD burner I wanting to purchase (whether this be a ready made one or an internal one that I would need to put in an external case) and it mentioned that it worked with the Mac and Mountain Lion that the drive should work with no problems, or is it not quite as simple as that?


    Thanks again for the help its much appreciated.

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    As I've not connected it to a current iMac (they've all had working SuperDrives so there was no need to) and it's hard to know exactly why Apple's SuperDrive doesn't work, I can't so I can't give any guarantees something else will work. All I can say is that it's worked with everything I've plugged it in to, including older iMacs.


    Ultimately you can assume that there is a specific problem with Apple's drive else assume there a problem with all drives. If you want something better than I can give then maybe you should find someone with a external powered drive for your to try else go to a shop that also sells macs so they can plug it in in-store to show you it working.

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    It's easy to make a superdrive work with any mac.  Open the terminal, login, and type:


    sudo nvram boot-args=”mbasd=1″


    restart your mac, and presto, it will work

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    There was nothing on the box to say it would not work on iMac, I asked the guy in store in the apple section. Now what. So my DVD writer has started to fail and hardly ever used and now I can't use another usb drive. mmmm

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    See my post above.  It only takes a few minutes and it works.  There is nothing but a system flag preventing it from working. 

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    Thank you, have done that twice and nothing. The terminal asked me for my password after entering the code, I couldn't see any characters displayed as I typed and then it just came up with my name.


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    I read with interest your post about adding a command to the Terminal that will allow a

    Apple USB SuperDrive to be used with a Mac equipped with a built in Optical Drive.

    Unfortunately my attempts to perform this modification were unsuccessful.

    First a question: Does the SuperDrive have to be connected to the iMac when the

    command is entered?

    Next, Here are the steps I took. First I double clicked on the Terminal icon in the Utilities folder

    in the Hard Drive and a window opened on the desk top. This first line at the top of the window

    had my user name - "bash"- 80X24. The contents of the window had login information followed

    on line two with user information, iMac, my user name, a $ and a rectangle.

    In addition to opening a window on the desktop, a "Terminal" icon appears in the Dock and when

    you click on it a number of choices appear. One of the choices is "New Command". That selection

    opens a window that allows you to enter a command, choose "Run command inside a shell" (huh?)

    and  "Run" or "Cancel".

    I decided to try the "New Command" and "Run" option but when I finished the the USB Superdrive

    still wouldn't work. Perhaps there is something I'm missing here?

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