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I did everything up to the final step in that article; now iTunes has been trying to quit for a day and a half.  The only folder I dragged to the trash before this was my "iTunes Music" folder.  I have NOT emptied that trash.  Can I "force quit" without risk?

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    pull your iTunes from the trash and put it on the desktop. I hope you did a backup first.


    Force quit the download , and try to download again.

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    Thank you for your quick response.  If I understand you correctly, it wasn't a download that I was trying to quit; I was just trying to quit iTunes so that I could open it again and confirm whether I'd successfully moved my iTunes media to an external drive (to save space on my overcrowded iMac's internal drive).  if you have time to click on the article highlighted at the top of this discussion ...

    HT1449: iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder

    Learn about iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder


    ... it might make things more clear.  It appears that I'd completed the process of copying my iTunes media files to the external HD, and I was trying to finish up by deleting those same files (but not the "libraries") from my computer -- that is, dragging my original iTunes media folder to the trash and then, as instructed, quitting iTunes and seeing if I could open it up again without any problems. (If so, I couid then empty the trash -- which I have NOT done yet, fortunately.)  But when i tried to just quit iTunes, it was almost 48 hours ago and it's still trying!  If I move the iTunes Media folder from the trash to the desktop and then "force quit," would it still be a test of whether I'd copied everything successfully to the external HD?   (I guess that would be the backup I need, but, yes, I also use Time Machine, and last did that backup just before I started this process two days ago.) 

    Thank you again ... anything you can tell me would be appreciated, since (as you can probably tell) I'm trying to be extra-careful.

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    Yes you can force quit.

    And since it's been more than a few minutes, you have to force quit because it is not doing so itself.

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    I'm in a slightly similar situation and need to confirm I did everything right.


    I copied my iTunes to my external hard drive and confirmed the copy. I followed all of the steps in the tutorial. After I moved the iTunes Media to the Trash, I closed iTunes and ejected my hard drive. I opened iTunes with no warning prompt. I thought that was a good sign. There were no files in my iTunes. However, when I plugged in my hard drive and reopened iTunes, I still had no files in iTunes. Am I just confused? I've never had to access my files from my hard drive, merely using it for backup storage. Will I still access my music files in iTunes, or do I have to go through the hard drive?