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Mesage appears on my Windows desktop when using ITunes: "ITunes Library file cannot be saved. There is not enough memory available."  Looks like my music files are duplicated three times. I see all of my music album folders and songs in the following 3 folders: (1) under My Documents\My Music\ITunes\, (2) My Documents\My Music\ITunes\Music, and (3) My Documents\My Music\ITunes\ITunes Music.  Which one do I delete?  My ITunes Media Folder Library is supposed to be in \My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music.  Before deleting 2 extra folders, how can make sure their music is merged into the 1 that I keep without duplicates?  I have ITunes Cloud and ITunes Match.  Do those create duplicates? 

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    iTunes in the Cloud is just an archive of your purchases, and iTunes Match is a seperate archive that hotlinks mostly to that same database.


    I supect you should check your advanced preferences You probably don't have your music consolidated. if you do have it consolidated, then you can remove all the stray copies to keep things more trimmed and organized.


    When you add to your libary, make sure it's checked off to place this in the media folder.

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    Good tip.  Thanks.  My Advanced preferences points to the "ITunes Music" subfolder so I need to make sure the songs in the other folders are in this master Media library.  Do you or anyone know a way to copy music files from another folder into the Media Library one without creating duplicates?   So far, it looks like when I copy, my music list in Itunes is collecting duplicates which then need to be removed manually. 

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    On my mac, i drag music files to the iTunes icon to import it into the consolidated subfolder. Then I delete the original music file I just dropped into iTunes. That way I only have 1 copy, and it's not scattered all over the place.

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    From Jordan at Apple:

    On a Mac, to fix "The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. There is not enough memory available.":


    1) go to Library/Preferences and delete any files beginning with com.apple.iTunes.


    2) go to Library/Preferences/ByHost and delete any files beginning with com.apple.iTunes.


    3) restart


    That should work. If not, he said the next step would be to rebuild your iTunes library by launching iTunes while hlding down the option key. This would mean reimporting your music, shows etc.

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    I have the same issue with my laptop. That message keeps popping up, and I literally cleaned out my whole Itunes library, and it still said the same thing. I've tried removing duplicates, everything, but it still wont go away. I'm downloading a tv show season, and now when I try to watch an episode that is fully downloaded, it doesnt show the video, like it should. Like, its a black screen, and then I hear the audio, and then the message pops up. What do I do?