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Greetings All, I recorded an interview with a client, I mic'd him with a chorded lavalier mic that I had in my bag, I didn't realize til later that it had a mono plug... To make a long story short I would like to make this be heard in stereo (or 2 channels left/right) I have viewed some youtube videos on how to do it i.e. sending to soundtrack pro - converting stereo to mono using left & right channels. It seems to work just fine in soundtrack but it doesn't work in final cut pro. What am i doing wrong?


Using Final Cut Studio 2

Power Mac G5 dual 2 ghz (late 2005), Mac OS X (10.5.8), 3 gig Ram 500 gig HD, 1 TB Ext HD
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    Using a stereo mic rather than a mono one wouldn't make any difference when you're recording a single source of sound that doesn't move around. Do you really have a stereo capsule on a lavalier?  ONce clip is in FCP all you need to do, assuming you don't want the audio in the centre of the stereo image, is pan the audio towards the left or right to suit using controls in the viewer audio tab.