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I cannot get my selected iphoto album to some up as my screen saver on Apple TV.  I have home sharing on, and have chosen the album that I want to share.  I read somewhere that I need to be sure my Apple TV is synced in itunes.  I cannot find where the apple TV is listed as a device, and am thinking this is where the problem is, but don't know who to fix it!  Please help!

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    If it's a 2nd or 3rd gen ATV it won't show up as a device (unless conected for restore purposes).


    All you need is home-sharing enabled in iTunes, Apple TV. Then iTunes - Advanced - choose photos to share. When your computer is on, running iTunes you simply go into the settings - screensaver, select your album and wait for it to load.



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    I'm having the same issue.  It used to work fine that I could select one album or selected events, but now when I choose Advanced -> Choose Photos to Share in iTunes, the option for "Selected Albums, Events, and Faces" is greyed out and I can't choose it.  I've started and closed iTunes and iPhoto to no avail.

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    I tried what you described, but the option to select certain albums is greyed out and not available.