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When I redeemed a $25 Itunes gift card, it cancelled out the previous balance of $3.40. I have added Itunes cards before and it was added to the existing balance.  How do I recover the $3.40 for my daughter?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2
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    Hmm I'm not sure what's going on here. You may have redeemed on an account that had 0$, but showed some change because it hadn't properly refreshed yet.

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    The exact same thing happened to me today. I had 9 bucks on my account and I redeemed a 25$ gift card and it cleared my previous balance.. Shows that I only have 25. What do I do? I know I had money in my account so it didn't just take a few days for it to "refresh"....

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    Did you ever get an answer on this? It just happened to me. I had 8.60 and redeemed 15. It cleared out my 8.60...


    Please let me know.