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Actually in my house I've a wireless network created by the AirPort Express with name "Sala" and other settings like channel, security, etc.; in my basement room I've a second wireless network and it's been created by a DLAN appliance (Devolo manufacturer) with a different name like "Taverna" (it's connected with my upstairs router with ethernet cable, the same applies to my upstairs AirPort Express) and other settings like channel, security, etc.


Reading the official Apple guide at (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4260) about "

Wi-Fi base stations: Setting up and configuring a roaming network (802.11 a/b/g/n)


I'm just wondering if the same rules could be applied also to my wireless network configuration letting me to have only one wireless network with an unique name and settings....


Is this possible ?


Thanks, regards.



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    Hy, is this possible ? Is it clear my question ?


    Thanks, regards, Roberto.

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    Roaming networks are possible with products from different manufacturers as long as they all use the same wireless network name, same wireless security settings and and same wireless password.


    It may be difficult to match the security settings with products from different manufactures since they use different names for the same things.


    For example, Apple might use a wireless security setting of WPA/WPA2 Personal while another manufacturer might use WPA-PSK-TKIP.  They are both the same setting.