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I have been using my PS3 controller to control my Mac as a mouse in conjunction with Controller Mate.  This all works fine and good, so I thought I would make it even better by buying a wireless keypad to go with it.  I'm using the Sony PS3 Wireless Bluetooth Keypad, I've been able to pair it and even get it to connect, but it will disconnect just seconds later.  I'm even able to type with it for the short time that its connected, so I know that the keyboard functionality is there, it just wont stay connected. 


It will attempt to reconnect if a key is hit after is disconnects itself, but this just creates a delay in the typing since it is constantly reconnecting and initializing. The constant reconnecting will also sometimes disable the keypad altogether, in which case i must turn of the keypad and back on to get it to work again.  I just need it to stay connected, seems simple but I can't find any solutions.


I'm running OS X lion 10.7.4

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)