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I have to create a wireless network over a considerably large space (an entire museum), and was previously under the impression that I could endlessly extend the signal from my AirPort Extreme using a series of AirPort Expresses.  In fact, the Apple Store Business Team led me to believe this.  I have purchased five Expresses (three of which are the new Base Stations, one is the slightly earlier version (801.11n), and one is older (801.11g). 


I am now aware that I cannot simply "extend" the network more than once, and that with older models you had to use WDS to relay the network to remote AirPort Expresses.  But can even this be done with the new base stations?  Airport Utility 6.0 seems to provide much less functionality than the ealier versions.  I still have one macbook with Airport 5.x, thankfully, although it still doesn't make it clear how to change the Express into a WDS relay.


I never would have bought these products if it was clear that you could only really extend the network by 50 feet in any direction.  Hopefully, this isn't the case.




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