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I cant move files within a playlist. I'm with a record company and I use iTunes playlist to create the right order of song for new albums. So I've created a playlist for a new project (like I always do) but this time I can't move the files around. The playlist gets a blue frame when I try. All other playlists that I've created works fine.

Windows XP
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    The Playlist is not in number order.


    Click on the left column, the one with the number sequence in it, so that there is an upward pointing arrow in the number column. That sorts the Playlist into the sequence order you created and then you should be able to move songs around the list.


    Until you do that, the arrow will be on one of the other columns, which means the list is being sorted by that column.


    If the arrow in the number sequence collumn is facing down, you can still move songs around, but the list is in reverse order.

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    Brilliant! Solved the problem. Forever grateful :-)