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How can I insert ou enter a silence, I mean a whole rest, half rest or a rest, in step by step midi mode?


I can easily enter any note value, whole note, half note, quarter note, etc.


I'm sure it is very easy but I'm looking for a solution since more than one hour...


How enter notes is explained everywhere but how to enter rests or silences, I dont find nothing about that.


There is a lot of explication concerning silence and audio files but this is not what I need.




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    I'm not familiar with the step-by-step input mode, but in the normal mode (record and play through a midi keyboard) it will auto-interpret "nothing" as a rest?


    For instance, in 4/4 time, if you'd play a semibreve at 1 1 1 1 and then the next note on 2 3 1 1. I guess it will "fill in" a minim rest at 2 1 1 1.

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    If you are using MIDI step input, the sustain pedal will move the Playhead forwards to enter rests, If you are using the Step Input Keyboard, use the "arrow" between '3' and 'ppp'


    Or use key commands to move the Playhead  for example the Forward by Division value