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I will say it was better on Safari then the actual app from itunes. Last night, on my gmail on my mba I made all accounts aliases and then on my iphone sett get my 2 gmails to exchange and I've been alright. As for Apple Mail I read to unclick keep sent mail, I didn't do it, exchange helped a lot, my iphone has been super slow for weeks. I can't keeo going on all the google baords, people are not nice and google is trying to send patches to certain accounts. If anyone has feedback it'd be appreciated. It's a shame b/c I really like g-mail but Apple is either taking them or Amamzon to court and they know it. B/c Apple needs more $$, don't you know??!??!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    I think I'm going to try to disable the alias in gmail on my mba and google sycn the exchange.....stay tuned

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    Google is having the same problem with android devices and android is Google's copy of iOS so Google stealing Apple's IP has nothing to do with Google's Gmail account access problems.


    Any feedback regarding a problem with your Gmail account needs to come from Google customer or technical support.

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    FWIW, I've not had any recent problems with GMail in a Chrome browser or the GMail app.

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    To Allan: I was responding to the person who said she liked me my question; I no longer use chrome on my phone or my mac, don't trust em.  I don't recall saying google stole anything from ios; it was a joke and I was looking for an update; glad to hear you're not having problems, I'm fine on either exchange or safari, I'm not getting on that google status website those people are so rude to the google workers and G-mail is free so....like I said was just wondering. Thanks for the input.


    To Paulcb MANY THANKS, I've seen that page before but couldn't remember it, GMail has been down for a bit, huh? I LOVED google chrome both on my macbook and iphone 4S, but the whole privacy issue......and then probably rumors of it tracking people just turned me off along with always having to be in prvate tabs. What do you recommend for browser #2? I like Safari, but I'm used to always having 2 browsers. Didn't like Opera, Firefox, I can't get into, I keep downloading it then uninstalling it. Basically I'm a Google fan all the way and want Chrome back, but I keep reading mixed reviews.