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I tried all the options mentioned in the above link and could not bring the start up manager to show up. I have a early 2011(March) Macbook Pro(13'') and wanted to upgrade the HDD to 500GB from 320 GB, used the same manufacturer Hitachi for this. The 500 GB HDD is brand new. I have time machine back-up. Plan was to get it started with a USB drive and the restore from time machine.


I tried all combinations like holding option button before starting the mac, holding the option just after the mac started or pressing option just after I hear the Chime. Nothing working and it brings the internet recovery screen, when I give the credential to connect to net which works else where either it hangs with loading symbol there or gives -1004 saying it cannot connect to Apple.


I was using snow leopard and backed up the start up disk into a USB drive, but it is simply not givng me the option to select the recovery drive(USB) which comes in the startup manager and just going to the internet recovery screen which is not working in any network(as long as I tested).


Please help, already wasted too much time in it.




MacBook Pro, Snow leopard is the OS I had.