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I am trying to change programmes on my line 6 POD via a Yamaha UX16 midi link, triggered from Logic's Programme Change controller in lower part of the piano roll. I know that it works OK in another Logic song but cannot see why it wont work in this one.


I have set it up as a test run, there are three arbitrary programme changes within a bar created with the pencil tool in the Controller section below the Piano role. Logic recognises Yamaha UX16 in the right hand 'Library', but although the 'Programme' in the Inspector faithfully reflects the three changes as I play back, the POD does not recognise any patch change.


I do notice that in the left hand Inspector the 'Port' is defaulted to 'off', and try as I migh I cannot change this to select Yamaha UX16... and I am pretty sure this is the problem. I have tinkered and tinkered with this with no luck, I am obviously missing something, can anyone help me here?

MacBookPro laptop, Mac OS X (10.6.2), G5 dual; G4 MacBook
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    The easiest way for me to send a program change in Logic is to use the Event List to make sure that changes happen at a particular point - usually a break where nothing's happening, to give it time to work.


    You want to change the guitar sound at a certain time, but you can achieve the same kind of thing from recording different sounding guitar parts on different tracks, if you're thinking about recording. If  you're thinking about changing the guitar sounds when you play live, set it up the way you want it to sound in Logic and save channel strips so that you can use them in Mainstage.


    I have an old Line 6 pod that does respond to program change, I got into it for a while but I think there are better ways of doing that kind of thing now depending on what you want to achieve..