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I downloaded Lion. Now I have no iMovie, Garageband, or iPhoto. Help?

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    How did you install Lion?

    Lion does not include iLife, but the installer should not remove the installed applications, unless they are incompatible. Things to check:

    1. Are the iLife aplications really gone, or just removed from the Dock? If they are still in your Applications Folder, but missing from the Dock, drag them from the Applications folder to the Dock. If you moved the iLIfe apps to a different folder after you installed them, look there, or use Spotlight to search for them.
    2. If you bought a Mac with iLife preinstalled, you should be able to download the bundled iLIfe applications again from the AppStore without paying for them. Sign into the App Store and look at the "Puchased" section or your "Accounts" tab. You may need to accept the iLife Apps to your account first.
    3. If your mac did not come with iLife installed, the software may be on the installer disk that came with your mac. Reinstall iLife from the installer Disk or from the iLife installer Disk, if you bought iLife separately. Your installer may give a "certificate expired" warning, then set the Date of your system to a date before February while you are installing.
    4. If none of the above helps, call Apple and ask for a compatible installer.