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Is there an add-on or plugin to Safari or Firefox that will enable direct editing of bookmarks from the dropdown menus?  I know this can't be done in the native configuration of either browser on OS X.


After evaluating Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari, I have to say that there is no ideal browser for OS X.  Safari is way better on features and integration with the OS- but you can't edit bookmarks directly.  It uses the least RAM of the three.


Firefox is in the middle.  Can't edit bookmarks, rather poor integration with the OS, memory usage is tolerable.  Funny, since Firefox is the hands-down best browser for Windows and easily configurable.


Chrome has the second best integration with Mac OS; you CAN edit bookmarks directly, it feels good, highly configurable, it's nicely integrated with gestures and swipes, etc., almost as good as Safari, but the memory usage is simply atrocious (almost 800 MB with a single tab open).


Would love to use Safari, but the way it handles bookmarks is just not the best.


Anyone offer their input or suggestions on third party apps to improve bookmark handling in Safari or Firefox?


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