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The way my company has set up software installs means we have to save any application to the hard drive and then run it from there.  It's supposed to keep unwanted stuff from being loaded onto computers by less than tech savvy users, but it makes it hard to load even innocuous things like iTunes.


When I 'save' instead of 'run' from the applet, I get a very brief download (comparatively) and then when I try and manually run the .exe file, I get the above statement in an error message.  If I select 'run' from the intital download popup, it takes much longer to download, but then can't load because it's not been run with admin privledges (which you do get if you download an application file first and then manually 'run' the install).  I suspect the two options don't give you access to the same files, but how can I download the actual install program to run it manually?



PC, Windows Vista