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Please help. I have a podcast for my church that I have been using for a couple years and now just realized that the link does not work. It is pulling up the following error:


Your request could not be completed.

The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.


It does not make sense to me. Here is my .xml feed:  www.fishhawkfc.org/sermons/podcast.xml.  I have not moved this file either.


Ping link is: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=330690493


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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    There is a serious error in your feed. In the episode published in 22 August and entitled 'Great Expectations' the 'description' tag looks like this:


    <description>How to Have a Faith that is Faithful/description>


    You have a missing '<' in the closing tag. This is sufficient to render the feed entirely unreadable; an unreadable feed will cause the podcast to be removed from the Store after a period, and this is evidently what has happened.


    When you have repaired the error you could try emailing them at podcasts 'at' apple.com and explaining the situation, and asking whether they can restore your podcast to the Store.


    I can't promise that you will get a helpful answer - very possibly not. In that case you can only re-submit it as a new podcast - you will need to change the title slightly or you will be told that it has already been submitted.

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    Weird thing is that is still in my subscriptions and I still get the latest shows, yet when someone searches for it or goes to the link from my show page, it is not there!


    Snoqualmie Joe

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    It's not possible to comment as the Store page isn't there and you haven't posted the feed. It would be better if you could do this in a new thread rather than adding on to an existing one, as you finish up with interleaved answers and it can get very confusing. Your problem is obviously something different from the OP's as his feed doesn't work because of an error, whereas yours appears to.

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    Thank you for seeing that error. I didn't know it was there and the site was still working for a while. I am going to just resubmit the site with a new name. Thank you.

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    The Store would continue to show the contents of the feed as it was at the last time it was able to read it (though it would be dead to subscribers) but the inability to read the feed evidently got it removed.


    When you've got it up and running again I would suggest always checking the feed by subscribing to it whenever you've added a new episode. That way you will find out about problems in time to do something about it. Just subscribe, check it starts downloading, then delete the subscription.