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For the past several months, songs that I've purchased through iTunes have been abruptly ending halfway through the songs. They cut off and skip to the next song on the album. I just bought a new Macbook Pro today and spent a couple hours re-downloading purchased iTunes albums only to find that songs are now cutting off that were fine when I initially purchased and played them on my old Macbook.


I've been deleting the corrupt albums from my iTunes library and trashing them and re-downloading them from iTunes. Just from scanning through the songs at different points, this seems to have fixed the problems that I caught. Unfortunately, this isn't a solution. I'm not about to go through every single song in my library just to see if I purchased a corrupt file. Unless this really is the only solution, in which case I'll just have to re-download everything as I catch broken files, which is ridiculous and a total pain in the a**.


Is there a more permanent solution to this problem that I don't yet know about? Have any patches or fixes been released for it? Or do I just have to deal with it?


Thanks, Apple!

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    I have this problem occasionally as well with songs downloaded from the iTunes store.  I believe the download gets corrupted.  What I've done to resolve it is to actually delete the corrupted songs (don't hang on to the file), then Click on "Purchased" under the Store heading in the pane on the left of the iTunes window.  You should see something on the lower right of the window that says, "Download Previous Purchases" Locate the songs you deleted (usually easy to do if you sort by album), or just choose "All Songs".  Again at the bottom of that window there is the choice to "Download All".  Choosing this will then download fresh versions of those that you just deleted.


    Hope that helps

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    In addition to Robert's comment, uncheck "allow simultaneous downloads" on the download page. This seemed to have solved this issue for me.



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    Thanks to both of you.

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    Thank you.  Your solution worked.  I had the same problem today.  A purchased song would not play; it would skip to the next song, or play the wrong song while showing the name/artwork of the selected song that would not play.


    I deleted the song from my library and then went to the store and looked in "purchased" music and re-downloaded the song.  Problem solved.

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    I did exactly what you did for a corrupted song and it still didn't fix my problem. It's a single track and it's not skipping or jumping to the next song (it's playing the song) it just has no audio as it plays. I'm going to try deleting the whole album and redownloading from the purchase history on the iTunes store. I don't think this will work though.


    And I can't find that "simultaneous downloads" check-box mentioned earlier.

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    Nope, for me it didn't work deleting the corrupted song or album from the Library completely and then redownloading (either from my iTunes Purchase History or iCloud).


    In my experience, when a song skips or jumps to the next song without playing it's because it didn't finish downloading or the original downloaded got corrupted through iCloud. It's easy to fix this because you just have to delete the songs and redownload them, or redownload the whole album if you wish (either from your iTunes Purchase History or iCloud). However, with this particular song that I have, which is playing normally but has no audio or sounds, the "redownloading trick" did not work.

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    I had the same problem.  The song's audio would cut off midway, but show as if it were still playing.  (Also, the handful of songs that did this played just fine on my computer.) 


    My solution was to:


    1) delete the song off my phone,

    2) then re-sync with my computer.  When I resynced, the process removed the song from my playlist, but not from my library. 

    3) Once that first sync was completed, I then re-added the srewed up songs

    back onto the playlist,

    4) resynced, and

    5) it worked just fine from then on.


    Good luck.