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Someoe plaease help me with this.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), iPad to Mac
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    You would first need to download and install the OS X version of Pages.app from the Mac Store in order to view the document from your iOS based iPad on your MacBook.  The iPad's iOS version of the Pages app cannot be installed on the OS X based MacBook.



    Hope this helps

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    I assume that you do have Pages on the Mac or you wouldn't be asking how to do this ......


    You can use iOS file sharing to send the documents back and forth. You can use iCloud as well, if you have an iCloud.com account set up and if you are using iCloud on the iPad.


    This talks about file sharing.



    With iCloud - any work that you do in Pages on the iPad will sync to your iCloud account and you can open Safari on the Mac - go to your iCloud.com account in there, click on the iWorks section, click on Pages - and then access all of your files in there. You can download the file to the Mac, edit it and then upload it again by dragging the file back into the browser window.


    When you launch Pages again on the iPad, the edited file will appear in the documents window.

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    @Radiation Mac and @Demo

      Thanks guys that answered my question! The only other thing I am wondering is if I have to pay another $20.00 to get the Pages, Keynote, ect on my Mac?

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    If you don't have it on the Mac, yes you have to pay for it. The iOS version doesn't work on the Mac and the Mac version doesn't work on the iPad. They have different operating systems.

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    Ok thank you very much Demo!