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When I open Finder I see the list of favourites on the LHS of the window with my user directory highlighted in blue at the top.  In right hand pane, where I expect to see a list of directories, I just see a blank (white) pane.  In order to "reveal" the list of files and directories I have to mouse click in the blank area and the list of files and directories appears.


If I click on one of the other favourites in the list on the LHS of the finder window the behaviour is normal - i.e. I can see the list of files and directories on the RHS, but when I click on my user directory in the LHS, once again the RHS is blank until I mouse click inside it. 


Is this normal behaviour?  Finder didn't behave like this with 10.6.


MBA 13


2 GHz Intel I7



Thanks in advance for any help/advice.



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2GHz Intel Core i&, 8GB RAM