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Hi there,


a long time ago (so it seems) I had my itunes libary on a Server and connected to iTunes. Everything was working well. After a few upgrades to 10.7 and 10.8 I'm no facing the problem that I have a no access to my server because of user permissions.


The Situation is as follows. I have 3 windows machines plus my 2 MBP, Ipad and Iphone who should access the server (NAS - Promise NS4300). In the past I copied my libary there and it was working very well. After a HD-failure I had to replace a HD and set the system.


Currently i get only a connection via smb but with no user rights. a connection via afp is not working and remains to an connection  error. a connection with ftp gives no userright to the files - which result in starting coping the mp3 but after writing the libary it stopps and gives the error that i do not have enough user rights to do this action.


As I'm really not happy with this situation because i have 6 TB on storage on my nas and any USB connection is not the way how I would like to have it.


Does anybody have any idea how to change the user rights for a connected smb connection?

or how can i simply make the nas accepting the files as my files accessing it from my MBP?


Any help is higly appreciated.



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