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How much does it cost to fix an iphone 4s screen?

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    Various repair places can do it but you'll need to contact them for pricing. Google is your friend here. If the repair is done through Apple, they will replace the entire phone and not repair it. I believe it's a fixed $149 repair rate for the standard 4 and $199 for the 4S.

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    If anyone other than Apple touches the iPhone the warranty will be void and

    any further assistance from Apple

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    I remember last year I talked to a guy in the mall by me that fixes them, he wanted like 80 bucks... The thing was, it definitely was aftermarket. I knew the sharpness would be seriously hindered so I opted out. My insurace on it was 200 as well, so maybe I'll just take the old one and have it swapped out for the 199.00 and sell that bad boy when the 5 comes out.


    Thanks for the help