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Can I enlarge the text in the e-mail that I send and receive? It's tiny and it's killing my eyes!!

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  • QuickTimeKirk Level 9 (52,225 points)
    You can enlarge the text size in any file you read by hitting the Command + (plus key). Mail, Web pages, text documents, etc.
    You set your font size in outgoing mail by using the Fonts and Colors preference.
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    In Mail, open an e-mail and go to the View Menu and select Customize Toolbar... You can then drag the Smaller/Bigger button to the toolbar in the e-mail window and control the size of the text.

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  • Andreas Amann Level 5 (7,815 points)
    You can use the following trick to force Mail to always use a larger minimum font size on received messages - some HTML messages might not look exactly as intended but at least you can now read them:

    1. Quit Mail
    2. Open the Terminal and type in the following:
    defaults write com.apple.mail MinimumHTMLFontSize 13
    3. Restart Mail.app and your HTML messages are readable.
    Of course you can set the point size to whatever you like.


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