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    I hope that I will eat my words ... that would be a great pleasure ... more to come.

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    Won't get the "genius" off the hook, though. If he's so smart, he should know this

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    Nah, that's not it ... ya see, in the far left (where the speaker thing is that you tap to unmute) first of all, it's not muted, so un-muting isn't much of an option.  Second, over to the right, there is no volume slider ... it's not there. There is also no volume slider in the Music app ... just the line the slider moves on, no slider.  I also haven't had the audio from Netflix since upgrading ... that's actually when the whole thing died.  My wife noticed that Netflix had no sound.  The ONLY thing that has sound now is alarm clock, and I think that it runs in a different way (like how the old alarm in my first-gen iPod touch made sound in a device that basically did not have sound).


    The really crazy thing is that every once in a while I'll be playing a game, and the sound will come on for about 2 seconds, then disappear again. 


    So, I repeat ... nice simplistic solution ... but my problem isn't simplistic. And, my problem was caused by the upgrade, period.  iPad worked perfectly up until the moment of upgrade ... immediately after restart (all three restores) ... nothing.  

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    I've got exact same problem & like you have tried all the 'tricks' with no luck........look forward to seeing if a fix is established!! Glad to know its not just me therefore unlikely to be hardware issue

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    The solution:

    Setting>general>use side switch to>lock rotation

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    Wrong ... fer Pet's sake, people suggested the obvious 100 times already ... I'm not asking how to work an iPad, I'm asking how to remedy this stupid problem that Apple created on my iPad.  It worked fine pre-ios6, has no sound post-ios6 ... if I hadn't upgraded to the "new and improved" version, I'd still have sound.


    It has nothing to do with the side-switch, okay? 


    Somehow, sound is now connected to the dock connector in a way that it was not before. I didn't even know that my dock connector was wonky until the upgrade ... now it seems that sound is toggled by the connector in a way that it wasn't before and it tends to turn off my sound. If only Apple would "allow" people to run different versions of their software, I could resolve this by going back to ios5 ... however, since they seem to feel that once you've gone to a new version, going back is impossible, I'm stuck. (and, of course, it's not impossible at all ... Apple just won't let me do it based on some arbitrary rule they made up).


    There are solutions ... Apple won't let me use them, and I am forced to stay with a sound-less iPad.


    I just bought a Nexus 7.  First non-Apple device I've bought in 15 years. This is not the Apple that I knew.


    Anybody else want to display their genius by quoting from the manual?  

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    I just encountered the exact same problem.  I have tried the simplistic answers.  There is no speaker icon when i double click the home button and swipe to the far left.  There is no volume control in the music app.


    I do get alarms, and keyboard tones.  This is very frustrating.  I do not use it much and when I wanted to watch a little netflix it was not making sounds.


    It was a gift I received in March, so no receipt.  Hopefully the warranty will be honored.

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    I have to agree with DougHorne on this issue.  My iPad 2 has worked fine for almost a year, but just recently I lost all sounds from the in-build speaker, but I found the sound did work if I plugged in headphones.  Of course I checked all the obvious solutions to no avail.  When this happens, there's not even a sound bar showing on the app bar or in iTunes. The other day the sound returned as mysteriously as it had disappeared!  However, this morning I was writing an e-mail and in mid-sentence the keyboard clicks stopped and I thought, here we go again and sure enough - no sound.  I think the next step has to be a trip to the Apple shop as the thing is still in warranty.

    Sorry I couldn't provide a solution to this most annoying problem - but I'm now becoming convinced there isn't one.  Good luck all, especially Doug who sounds really p*ssed off!!

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    My iPad2 has just done the exact same thing.  I've done the "obvious" checks like the mute button, change the side switch from lock to mute etc.  In settings it will till play sounds under the ringer and alerts setting but nothing with my movies, music, YouTube etc.


    Swiping to the left I have a mute button (turned on and off) but no control on the volume slider.


    Worked last night, woke up this morning and now it doesn't???

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    The same problem. After 7 months of use, after upgrade to iOS 6, sound dead. The funny thing is I have a 150 € smartphone that works perfectly for 2 years now. I can't wait to go to the idiots bar

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    I may have found what is causing this problem, at least for me. I was using a program called Nightstand for my alarm clock. I used it every day. Reading eleswhere, there are many complaints that after IOS 6 came out, it began to have sound issues. I suspect the program is silently crashing the sound engine in firmware and apparently it never gets reloaded until a total reboot of the ipad. Thus no soundj at random, fixed with a reboot. I quit using this program and bought an alternative. Now about one month with no sound problems. Before it would happen at least once a week. Thus I think the program "Nightstand" was to blame. Still not a perfect solution since I NEVER had sound issues prior to IOS 6 coming along. The system should have a watchdog timer to ensure all the sub programs are still loaded and if not reload. So it seems that Apple could and should fix the problems such as these with a firmware update. Just sad to see that Apple is developing cracks in what used to be a perfect facade.

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    What to you mean "now about one month with no sound problems" ? Here we talking about a problem that its not fixable, even with reboot or restore.

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    Omg,that solved the problem. I rubbed the connector with a qtip soaked in pure white alcohol and then sound again from tha speakers. Although there wasn't any sign of dirt or other stuff, that apparently helped to clear the area of something.

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    DanFromNE wrote:


    I was having a similar issue. However, I could hear sound if I was in the music app or with Siri but not games. This fixed my issue (found on another post).



    If you have the side switch set to lock screen rotation then the system sound control is in the task bar. Double tap the home button and in the task bar at the bottom, swipe all the way to the right. The speaker icon is all the way to the left. Tap on it and system sounds will return.


    Perfect solution.  Thanks! 


    My system sounds would play through the speakers, but sound from videos and games would only play throught the headphones.  Adjusting the volume made no difference.


    I have had my iPad3 for over 6 months and I didn't know about the mute button in the task bar.


    Another way to get to the task bar is to do a four-finger swipe up.  Then swipe the task bar to the right to get to the "airplay" part of the bar.  The mute (speaker) icon is on the left.

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    I believe I have the exact same problem as rsbitting above.  Never believing the Nightstand app might be the issue, here's what I went through until I started suspecting the Nightstand app...


    - Missed alarms every other day due to no sound starting right after iOS6 upgrade

    - Restore to factory condition and my last backup - no change

    - Took faulty iPad3 into my local Apple store while it was exhibiting no sound - they were miffed

    - Got a replacement iPad3 restored from my last backup - still had problems missing alarms

    - Restored to factory condition as new - no 3rd party apps

    - Using built in clock app, I haven't missed an alarm in a couple of weeks


    Of course, all of this has been over the period of Sept-Dec.


    There may be more than one issue with sound disappearing on your iPad (and they might all be related to the same bug), but if you are using Nightstand, I believe that is certainly one of them.


    I sent an email to the developer of Nightstand although I notice the app has not been updated for over a year so who knows if he even supports it any more.