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    In reply to earlier posts, we all know about the side switch and the dual function. We also know about the four finger swipe and going to the far left of the task bar to find the mute switch, brightness etc. the thing we are all talking about here is the total loss of sound from the iPad speaker, as well as disappearing volume controls on the task bar and iTunes. My sound returned last week as mysteriously as it went, but I've still deleted "Nightstand". I am just wondering what Left74 cleaned?  Good luck all and Happy New Year!

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    I just had the same problem as described by your guys - no sound from the speakers, and it was not just muted, no button to drag left or right on the sound bar. And I just fixed it by cleaning the headphones plug. I assume that there was some dust in there causing a bad contact and jamming the sound feature. Try cleaning that plug... Hope it works for you !

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    Just as a preliminary note, the next idiot to make a suggestion pertaining to the side-switch is going to get my headphones shoved up their *******. CLEARLY, that's not the issue here, so please just stop being useless.


    Okay. Now that that's out of the way, here's the oh-so-complicated solution to your dilemma, so pay attention.


    Step 1: Make sure the headphones are unplugged. (As if that's not obvious enough already.)

    Step 2: Turn your device off.

    Step 3: Turn your device back on again.


    Problem solved. You're welcome.


    (If you're confused about these steps or feel they are too complex and require assistance, feel free to call your local elementary school and go back to the second grade. The administrators and teachers there will then be able to set you on the right path to not being such a *******.)


    Oh, and have a splendid day, everyone.

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    Same problem here, just fixed mine. (Muted sound)

    Hit the home screen button twice.

    Scroll your finger to the right.

    To the left of the screen is a mute button.

    Click it and it un-mutes the iPad.

    Hope this solves and helps someone else out.

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    Hi Doug,

    I'm sorry you're having the sound issue on your iPad. I just ran into the EXACT same problem with my iPad w/Retina display tonight and was wondering if you ever got yours working again? My iPad 2 works just fine (knock on wood). I understand your frustration with the folks thinking that they have the instant answer by performing some basic user procedures. If you did find a solution, please share. Thanks in advance. Jay

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    Update on my iPad (New) sound issue: I contacted Apple and made an appointment with the Genius Bar. The expert there performed a complete reset and erase of all content. This did not resolve the problem and so I was told I could get a new iPad right there on the spot. The only problem is my iPad was laser engraved with a personalized message from the factory. No problem, I called Apple and they gave me option of going to my local UPS Store (only a minute from my home) and it was 'Next-Day Air' shipped out. I should receive my new iPad with engraving very soon. I explained to them that there is obviously an underlying issue causing this sound problem and that replacing the unit was not doing anything to resolve this problem. I'm sure they listened and sprang into action to fix the issue (sarcasm).

    Anywho, I'll  go back to using my iPad 2 until I get the new one. Good luck to all and I hope this is the last time I'll have to deal with this particular matter.

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    I had more or less the same problem. Suddenly my earphones did not work anymore, but the speakers worked. Is it after I installed the latest version of the OS, or after I uploaded songs? I don't know... What I do know is I just switched it off and on again and the problems were solved. It is only pretty sad that we have to use the Micr*s*ft solution. It would better if the nice people of Apple started investigating what really causes the problem and come up with a bug fix.

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    I have the same issue on the iPad 2.  Plug in the USB cord, all sound ends with in 1-2 seconds.   No way to fix at this time.  Out of warranty.


    Oh and I'm on iOS 5.1.1. So this isn't just an iOS 6 issue!

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    I'm on my 6th Ipad. I've been having the same sound issue for over a year. I use the I-pad for my 5year old Daughter. She is Autistic and uses it for a communication device. So you can Imagine My frustration When the sound goes away.All I can tell you is this has been happening for a year now. Every time I get it replaced. Apple is doing nothing to fix the problem. I can confirm that this issue is not due to the newest upgrade. As a matter of fact, The newest Upgrade I did on 1/28/13 fixed the Problem. But then it resurfaced a few hours later. Apple told me the problem was due to the kind of Case I had on the Ipad. They said the case has damaged the volume switch. So they replaced it and I switched to the otterBox. Its been nearly 3 Months but the problem is back. This problem has to be a combination of Apps or in the connection. I will try Cleaning the connection when I get home from work and give an update. My daughter is notorious for putting the charger in her mouth. Maybe plugging it in after it's been wet has caused this issue for me. Thats the only same thing that has happened with each Ipad. That and the same apps are on it. But the Apps were never restored from backup. Always re-downloaded. Just trying to give people more info on this problem we are all having

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    I just wanted to say that I haven't had any sound issues since I deleted the Nighstand app from my iPad2, which someone else had suggested a while back. I can't say if this will help anyone else, depends on if you have that app or not, I suppose. But so far (and it's been almost a month) I have not had one issue with the sound.


    Also, just a side note: for people who keep suggesting that the fix is simple- just turn it off and turn it back on.... how idiotic! Of course that fixes the problem temporarily. I know because this is what I was doing every three days to get it to work. But the point is, you shouldn't have to restart it every 2-3 days to get it to work properly. That's like saying "If the 'check engine' light is coming on in your car, just turn it off and restart it. If the light is off, problem solved." I mean, seriously people! There is obviously a bigger issue, which I suspect is a software/app incompatability problem since the iOS 6 update, considering my husband has an iPad1 and couldn't do that update but coincidentally has never had sound issues either.


    Thank you and good luck!

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    Thanks Tabre3. I, too, had the Nightstand app on my iPad; unfortunately deleting the app did not resolve the issue. The folks at Apple either have no clue what the underlying reason is for this problem or they just aren't telling us because they're afraid people will be flocking to Apple stores returning the pads in droves if they were given the real story. Either way, the Geniuses at my local Apple store were unable to figure out the problem so I was left with the decision to return it and have another one sent from China (due to personalized laser engraving). I must say, the entire process was very quick and simple. I phoned APL-CARE and they gave me a return authorization number. I then took the iPad to my local UPS store where they packaged it and sent it next-day air to California. I departed the next day for a short trip and when I returned, there were two FedEx tags on my door indicating that they had attempted to deliver the item twice. The whole process took about seven days including the weekend and that was with a new product engraved and shipped from China, according to my tracking information.

    While I appreciate the speed at which the iPad was replaced, I echo and share everyone's frustration over the lack of definitive answers surrounding this issue. Apple really should acknowledge the problem, work towards resolving it and move towards preventing these types of occurrences in the future.


    Said in my Forrest Gump voice, "That's all I have to say about that."

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    ***Update from My Post.****


    Went home at Lunch. Still no Sound on Ipad . Was out a total of 5 Hours. But I Fixed it. Thanks to the advice above..

    Here is the Fix:

    While the I pad is on. Blew Canned Air into the connection.

    Cleaned the Connection with Alcohol and Qtip

    Gently cleaned pins with toothpick. Some dirt/corrosion was present. Lightly scratched off.

    Sound came back immediately. Didn't have to turn off or reset.


    So basically the connection was dirty.


    I hope this helps it did for me

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    Yay! After trying everything in this lengthy discussion I blew into the headphone jack and voila! Speaker now works so if all those visual controls disappear, try cleaning that jack! Thanks!

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    DanFromNE - THANK YOU!!


    Your solution worked for me.


    Double click the home button, sweep all the way to the right. Volume button was muted.

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    I had this problem and fixed it by reconnecting all Bluetooth connections first then forgetting them. See it that helps but it appears that the iPad was still looking for these connections when they weren't available.